Friday, February 18, 2022

All Animals Deserve To Live Free - This Is A Right Not A Privilege

 A lot in the spiritual world have been waiting for the moment prophesized of the evolution of humanity.

A new awakening of humanity into a golden age.

I too feel it in my heart.

What a lot are not thinking about is what exactly would need to be done to prepare oneself for a more utopian society.

When you think of utopia do you envision peace?

Do you envision love?

Do you envision kindness?

Do you envision torturing animals, terrorizing them, ripping their children away from them and then slaughtering them to eat?

Well of course you don't envision the last one but that is exactly what every man women and child who is not a vegan is doing right now.

If you want to awaken, if you want to evolve to the golden age of humanity do you think it will take only a snap of the fingers and you will be peaceful and kind?

Peace and kindness must be part of you before you are even in the game of evolving.

You must be before you can do.

As many of you are considering your next meal and what it will be I urge you if it is not vegan to take a moment in contemplation of the life the animal in your meal has had.

If it contains dairy it is from a tortured cow impregnated (raped) -then forced to give birth only to have her infant child ripped from her at birth as she cries piteously for her baby who not only never gets to drink the milk their Mama produced for them, but is instantly slaughtered to wind up as veal on your dinner plate.

Is this a picture of Utopia?

Girl babies are also taken from her to be raised apart so when they are of child bearing age the same thing can be done to them.

Now the Mama is hooked up to machinery for the next 10 months pumping her breast milk into containers to end up in your drink glass, cheese, yogurt or ice cream.

After a 2 month rest the cycle repeats and she is impregnated (raped) again to produce more breast milk for a baby she never gets to touch.

This is the dairy industry it is a horrific cruel torture of animals so you might drink a cow's breast milk.

Is you a cow?

No, then that milk does not belong to you, it belongs to a cow baby.

An excellent video to watch on the dairy industry is one done by Panorama

I have two things to say about the Jump

1. Find your God he is everything.

2. Go Vegan as if your life depends upon it for indeed it does.

Saturday, October 23, 2021

My Method of Painting Comes From My Fascination With Psychic Phenomena and The Future

The Color Purple  18" by 24"

I am a metaphysical painter who has studied spirituality for much of my life.

By metaphysical I mean seeing and knowing things beyond the reach of our ordinary senses.

My method of painting comes from my fascination with psychic phenomena and the future.

I have always since early childhood felt the future will unveil not only fantastic new technologies but also undreamed of spiritual awakenings.

I believe that thought is subtle electrical energy and that energy from the resultant thought can actually travel from the subconscious where it is  picked up as prescience to a blank canvas.

This creates scenes that are either;

    Important for me to capture.
    Important for the eventual buyer of the piece  to capture.
    Important to the world to capture.

Encapsulated, my painting are drawn from inner scenes existing as vibrational energy in my subconscious and are not drawn on the canvas, but actually pulled from the canvas.

I call my art, "Art Purely From the Soul With No Filter ."

It's genre is soft abstract expressionism art, but  it is the way that it is created that makes it much more unique than it's actual genre.

Faced with a blank canvas I do not plan what to paint, I merely swipe paint on the canvas and let whatever picture wants to come up, come up.

I then read the canvas by rotating it 4 ways and seeing what picture has come up.
Once I see the picture I enhance by still only swiping paint and oil pastels with no intent other than to add more color and more shape.
I have never been disappointed, a clearly readable image ALWAYS appears.
It is very akin to reading tea leaves I suppose.

I rarely use a paint brush.

My subconscious sees the invisible energy of a scene, impregnates the canvas with this invisible energy and when I wipe paint on the canvas it adheres only to the energy of the impregnated scene creating a picture. 

It is energy from my subconscious that creates the picture and this is why I say it comes straight from the soul. 

When I say no filter I mean I do not filter or change any images that come up.

It is also for this reason that the paint on all my canvas is very lightly applied.

This is so it does not cover up, but actually uncovers the painting theme.

What my art means.

My art is about a move to a gentler more peaceful society which is portrayed by gently flowing cartoon like shapes and beautiful bright flowing color.

My work is always about the good in man and in society and it's meaning is always upbeat and positive.

Nothing dark always brilliant light and softness.

By putting out such light in my art I believe I am contributing to peace and happiness, for who can be dark or sad when viewing such brightly colored gentle creatures.

Sisters   3 Feet by 4 Feet

As the subconscious is ones soul I am delighted that my soul appears to be a happy one as my art comes out in playful happy cartoonish like characters and beautiful colors.

The Queen   3 Feet by 4 Feet
Gratitude towards the courage of individual spirit is the main theme that runs through most of  my painting and a knowing that we are moving slowly and steadily towards a kinder and more gentle society and world

I believe that good energy embedded in a picture is good energy added to a household.

I believe the most important character a person can possess, is kindness.

Links to Painting Portfolios:

Complete Portfolio

Large Paintings

Medium Paintings

Small Paintings 

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Is This Crystal Like My Art? Or Is My Art Like This Crystal

 Okay my art is like this crystal.

Look closely into the crystal and you will see a woman gazing down at a pointed monolith, or drawing a whirlpool of energy up to her from a tract of farm land.

Or so on and so on.

It is morphing changing consciousness  within the crystal which interacts resonantly with each individual who views or touches them.

The Dissolution of Time 

Seriously check out this crystal, it's energy just pops off the page even in a photo.

In a very good way.

We might just need that energy at this time in humanity's evolution.

I know I am loving it.

Clickable links below just move your mouse down to find them.

Crystal Pictures to touch or to buy

Learn about Andara 

What do you see in this crystal?

Or this?

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Rushing pulse vibrations, seeding light far ahead into being

Re-Positioning - Mitro

 Rushing pulse vibrations, seeding light far ahead into being

Hunting wishes through time and chance along this ever in between

Clinging to dreams already dreamed, longing to feel secure but free.

Searching miracles to see, when the brightest miracle, is simply, to be.

Discover our universes within, to conquer this universe we are in.

A master equation ever expanding, fragmented particles scrambling.

In infinite witless magnificence we spin.

- Brian Boyd

Thursday, December 3, 2020

What is Meant by The Term Metaphysical Properties

What is meant by the term metaphysical properties.

The metaphysical components of a thing, an entity, a happening or a scene describe the consciousness intertwined in each and explain it's ability to create spiritual or physical changes in the individual or in mass consciousness.

After The Messiah In Search of The Master Key

Paintings change the living space around you for that very reason.

Each element of the painting contributes it's own consciousness into the living space.

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Stages of Lilliputian Painting - The Lilliputians Take Down The Man Who Thought Himself King

This way?

Or this way?

This way




Still not done yet but soon :)


Final Picture Complete With Analysis - November 22, 2018 Thanksgiving

Nov 2018 -
The main object in the painting is a man with orange hair laying prostate with his eyes closed.

Above him we see an alligator with wide open mouth and a man for his eye seeming to control his bite.
In the very center of the painting we see the back of a man with blue hair and a wave of pink underneath him.
Again hmmm.
The far right hand corner we see another man with embarrassed red checks seeming to want to flee the scene as quickly as possible. 
His nose is purple as in enlightened knowledge, his head is green as in growth and I see him as a contrite supporter that has dun seen the light, and wants to distance himself from what he has done.
In the top left corner we see a huge rat with a yellow eye looking down on the man in what? Sorrow, apathy?
We see the Lilliputians bottom left, the colored crowd with their coloring signaling greater stature, the ones with a little more power to take him down.
The Lilliputians beside them the laborers, the worker ants working ceaselessly but in anonymity with only vague outline to their shapes signaling this.
Above the prostate head we see the town crier calling out the words the world has been waiting to hear, with an oversized hashtag of a plaid shirt, and beside him the Lilliputian spiritual workers working with the mind and other realms on the take down.
Finally in the upper left hand corner we see the ghost of William Shakespeare looking down at the scene in wonderment of a story even more fanciful than his own fiction.
There is much much more in the painting but I grow weary and will leave the rest of it for you to unravel.

Update November 7, 2020
Okay trump was taken down today by Joe Biden in the Presidential Race.
He was at the golf course when the news announced Biden's win.
See the stomach of the prostate figure he has a sand trap and a golf tee on his belly.
Damn I'm good.
The meaning of the painting revealed years later
trump is taken down at the golf course by the little peop
le's vote.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Friday, September 25, 2020

In Memory of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

As the world mourns the death of one of the most beautiful woman inside and out, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, I ran across an old painting I painted a little over 2 years ago.

As all my paintings are metaphysical and done with no intent, I was surprised at the time to see a woman's profile emerge.

And as with all my paintings upon completion the title merely pops into my head

In this case the title appeared as "Memories of Quest For Better Life Fulfilled"

I paint a lot.

I did not give the painting much thought until yesterday when I ran across a digital image of it, and I thought wow that looks exactly like Ruth.

Now until the horror that has befallen on us in the White House I have never had any interest in politics or the machinations of the legal system.

Ruth Ginsburg until this time had merely been a familiar name.

I knew nothing at all of her including her brilliant work on women's rights.

So I looked at the painting and thought I wonder if she ever wore red lipstick and researching it found it was at least at one time one of her trademarks.

Doing a little more research I even found this photo with her wearing the same

double drop earrings as in the painting

You also see her signature eyeglasses in the painting and one of the best parts is you see a double image of her head in the space of her heart with a line full of women climbing up the pathway she has made for them to a higher future and life.

And indeed she fulfilled her quest to provide a better life for millions of woman.

In memory of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Rest in Peace Angel 

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Thank you Ruth Bader Ginsburg

 In 1974 only 46 years ago Women could not have a credit card  sign a mortgage or have a bank account without a male signature on it

Ruth Bader Ginsburg paved the way for The Equal Credit Opportunity Act which put women on equal footing with men.

My mind is blown here only 46 years ago and women were considered men's chattel.

This was not a great America that we wish to relive.

Thank you Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and all the great women trail blazers that came before.

Monday, September 14, 2020

The Alchemy of The Stones

New Robert Simmons book just out.

I highly highly recommend it.

A tutorial on how to achieve the "alchemial" change a lot of us feel coming.

Call it what you wish



The Happening

The Awakening

The Alchemy of The Stones

The Alchemy of Stones

My own favorite description

The Happening



Sunday, September 13, 2020

Friday, September 11, 2020

Friday, December 6, 2019

Merry Christmas

Father Christmas Visits The Tide Pool of Time   Three Feet by Four Feet

Thursday, December 5, 2019

He Left His Imprint Upon The Land

He Left His Imprint Upon The Land  18 Inches by 24 Inches

As all my work is done without intent I always find it fascinating when I spot something that is well, spot on, to one of my paintings, meaning looking pretty identical.
I then know this is what I saw, this is what I pulled from the Universe when I painted it.
Some paintings I just love so much and I always had a special spot in my heart for this one.
Reading what it means when I know the source it came from I come to the following truths.
We work best as an amalgamation of ethenicities as we have much to learn from experiencing new paths and ways of life.
On the other hand we have much to lose from stagnating, going backward and eliminating all that look or act differently than ourselves.
This begs the question.
Do walls lock others out?
Or do walls lock ourselves in?

In Times Such As This Truth Must Be Held Dearly

Many years ago, ten years to be exact, I painted my first large painting measuring three feet by four feet and I titled it TRUTH for obvious reasons.

I hung it in my art gallery and it got much immediate visceral response, in other words, it hit people in the gut.
Now we are at a crossroads in our world where truth will prevail or our society will be destroyed.
This time in our world was always meant to come.
Aldous Huxley saw it and worked hurriedly on his deathbed to finish his masterpiece "1984" before he died, to warn the world of the horror awaiting us if we let allow those that seek to pervert truth to prevail.
Just as Huxley created 1984 as an answer to the times we are currently embroiled in, I know now that the same creative urge made me create Truth as the antidote and answer to our current situation.
The Republican Party is actively perverting truth just as Orwell's Ministry of Truth did and we cannot allow them to do so.
They are engaging in an enormous web of lies and deceit meant to destroy the baseline of truth.
We cannot let that happen, if we do, we will allow our world to fall into dystopian nightmare, as Orwell's world did.
We got this.
Truth is truth, always and forever.

Post Script I now know with all my heart this painting was painted in pre-sage knowledge of this exact point in time in which we find ourselves.

Interesting note
The second large painting I completed after completing Truth was Heart.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

The Crowd Awaits With Bated Breath For The End of Fascism in America

The Crowd Awaits With Bated Breath For The End of Fascism in America
3 Feet by 4 Feet
And The Lilliputians Took Down The Man Who Thought Himself King
3 Feet by 4 Feet
These two painting are self explanatory.
P.S. If I was any further left I would fall off the edge of the Earth :)
and If I was any farther left I would fall into Heaven ↻

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Points of Consciousness

One cannot make one's self more, by making another less.

The Belly Painting   3 Feet by 4 Feet

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Delicate Creation on a Summer Porch

Consciousness is the quiet hum, the white noise, the background noise.
Thought is a mini-lightening bolt of creative energy set loose into the calm.
Thought is exciting, consciousness is calming.

Delicate Creation on a Summer Porch  16" by 20"

Monday, November 11, 2019


Truth   3 Feet by 4 Feet
Truth is the physical embodiment of spiritual truth solidified into the physical world.

In a classic case of future determining past, I painted this painting ten years ago knowing how badly we would need the solace, warmth and security of truth at this particular point in time now.

Truth is the song of the angels.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

If You Knew What the Gnu Knew

Consciousness must be willfully directed otherwise there is chaos.

If You Knew What The Gnu Knew 3 Feet by 4 Feet

Thursday, November 7, 2019

I Am Not an Artist to Paint a Painting Someone Else Has Already Painted

I am not an artist to paint a painting someone else has already painted.
If you look at my art and do not find it very strange, I have not accomplished what I have set out to do, and that is to paint a completely original painting in a style where no one has ever gone before.
It is the rake of raw color over rough white canvas.
It subjects the absurdities of life (sometimes so absurd I can coax a smile out of you)
My work is on one level very simple, no heavy background, but on the other hand very complex, as the colors and lines morph into intricate tales.
I generally paint on a white canvas to let the color shine in it's purity as it was intended to when created.
Also the wide open areas of white in my painting indicate the openness of real life where things are usually never piled on top of each other, and because I am a science buff this is also indicative of the fact most of reality IS empty space.  
You will never get my paintings at one glance or even fifty glances, and that is what I think fine art should be, an exercise for the mind.
How to Teach Your Pet Dragon How to Roll Over in Three Easy Steps

Alien Child as a Small Creator

Women With a Blue Hat Going for a Walk and Smoking a Cigarette While Thinking About Life

Don't Swallow Ladybugs
Now for some brand new paintings below, hot off the press.
Sadie Hawkins Kiss  5" by 7"