Sales and Order Information

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Simply enter your name and email address along with any questions about the art / and or request to buy, and someone will get back to you immediately.
You may also call/text/email the following numbers for any questions or puchase requests. 
We ship only within the United States and shipping is free.
If you are outside of the United States we will work with you on getting a painting to you but you will be responsible for all shipping costs including customs and duties.

Mitro Art Gallery


Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun.

Hours 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

United States of America

Eastern Standard Time 


All art is original signed art by Katheleen Mitro

Certificate of Authenticity included in each sale.

All art is acrylic paint, watercolor and oil stick on canvas with the exception of some of the very tiny pieces 5 Inches by 7 Inches which are painted on board.

Paintings painted on board are noted as so in their description.

None of my art is sealed or varnished.
To me a sealer means the art is finished and permanent.
I believe art is meant to flow and change while it interacts with the environment surrounding it.
By this I do not mean one takes ones fingers and manipulates the image, I mean the subtle flow of air and energy that interacts with it.
My art is not meant to sit on top of the canvas it is meant to intertwine with the actual fibers of the canvas and become one with it.
For this reason the power of the painting is much more intense when seen in person than to see a photographic image of it, a photographic image also seals the image as done.
But to view the painting in person is to view the art actually flowing into the room.

The art is alive.

The beautiful smear of exquisite color raked over a crisp white canvas is like heaven to me.

Each painting has size dimensions noted beside it.

Paintings are priced according to size.

5" by 7"         -                         $25 (My Choice Only)

8" by 10"       -                         $4,000

11" by 14"      -                        $5,000

16" by 20"      -                        $9,000

18" by 24"      -                        $10,000

3 Feet by 4 Feet -                    $1,000,000 

All prices subject to change but these prices are the currently updated ones and so cancel any previous advertised prices that are posted elsewhere.

All artwork is sold unframed.

Art is  available for sale nationally or internationally.

There is a copyright in place and artist retains all copyrights although the purchaser owns painting with no claims upon actual painting by artist.

There is a royalty agreement that is signed upon initial purchase.
This agreement states upon each subsequent sale of painting that results in an increase of initial purchase price Artist is to be paid 7% royalty.
The 7% royalty will be paid only on the increase in sale price received, not the base price of the picture.
This is to be paid through lifetime of artist and then her son's lifetime, and all royalties will cease upon the death of both the artist and her son.

All sales are payable by Cashier's Check, Direct Deposit, Electronic Wire Transfer or Cash.
I am also open to any payment method that might make it easier for you :)
I have recently put a buy it now button on the dashboard of the website - payments are made through PayPal and can be made by credit card.
You must have a PayPal account to pay this way but if you do not, they are very easy to set up.
Installment plans are available.
Art is released after final payment has cleared.
All sales are final, because upon sale the artwork leaves the protection of the artist.

All  interested parties are welcome to view paintings in person.

Art may also be bought and collected in person at Daytona Beach Shores, Florida 32118