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Monday, July 3, 2017

The Universe Talks to the World Though My Art or Things That Go Bump in the Night

As a firm believer in many planes of spiritual existence occurring simultaneously.
I am delighted to see images come up unbidden on each blank canvas I start.
Akin to automatic writing it is automatic painting.
I never know what image will come up until it comes up.
If one buys the theory that anything and everything is electrical vibration which I truly do, it stands to reason that a canvas magnetized with electrical energy for a specific painting would not only be possible but very probable.
For the canvas since it is physical, has to be vibrating electrical energy also.
Add into the mix a artist like myself that  truly believes and so truly allows, and you get psychic images every time you paint.
My work consists of smearing swiping and brushing various colors onto a white canvas and then inserting random slashes of lines with an oil stick, and then as the smears and swipes turn into identifiable images I can only conclude that the canvas is magnetized and holds onto paint in a pixel like way.
Some might say I am cheating that I am drawing, but I assure you I am absolutely not. 
I believe that it is my release of control that allows chance.
By not purposely creating I am allowing the universe to paint the painting and with it's divine wisdom it creates exactly what it needs to create for ultimate meaning.
It is akin to the shuffling of tarot cards picked randomly and read but my paintings are more precise because the pictorial aspects are tailor made and each one unique.
I am always amazed myself when the images come up.

The Marriage of the Old Masters With Futuristic Art - Mitro  
This particular painting I titled Marriage. 
It is the marriage of the old and the new in Art. 
The old a knight bridegroom with a Prince Valiant hair cut and a happy go lucky look on his face.
The new an alien bride with a pious sour look on her face as she appears to sacrifice herself to this     marriage. 
The preacher is a beautiful purple horse of some sort seen on the left hand side of the painting.
If you look beside the couple you will see a candle lit for the marriage ceremony throwing light on   the union.
You will also see a wedding guest at the very bottom of the left hand side of the painting.
Most important of all if you look carefully at the bottom right hand side of the painting, right below the couple, you will see the future child of the marriage an animal curled in sleep and waiting to be born. 
Look for his eye first and his shape should become apparent to you.
As it is set in a futuristic setting the future is absorbing the old and by the fusion of marriage, evolving into the now.

Sea Horse and Lion - Mitro   

Sea horse and Lion is a perfect example of my magnetized canvas. 
If you look at the bottom left of the painting you will see a very skillfully drawn lion complete with mane 
On the right you will see a sea horse and a man in the very bottom of the right side.
I did not draw any of these images they all appear as I swipe paint and crayons indiscriminately across the blank canvas.
There appears to be in my paintings a transference of the energy stream of the scene presented onto the canvas, so my painting vibrate with the actual energy of the scene they present for viewing.