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Friday, January 19, 2018

Is Fine Art Going To The Dogs, Or Are The Dogs Coming To Fine Art?

Dogs, tall buildings and chairs feature in artist Katheleen Mitro’s quirky fine art ad series.
Daytona Beach, Florida, June 13, 2016—“Is that a bikini on your dog?” An artist on the beach has to have an opening line to get permission to snap the next world-famous art photo. And through the haze of technique, the bikini on the dog shines forth in one of Mitro’s gallery ads.

Dog and beach have been blended together thoroughly; the dog’s nose and funky bikini-like harness are the “dots on a big white wall” that draw your eye and tell you that, in fact, there is a dog in the image. The tagline is as obvious as the semi-hidden dog: “For luxury art that won’t blend in with your surroundings.”
The ad series has dozens of images, all connected by an odd “fine art goes off the wall” feeling. No one said art had to be quiet or shy or negotiable. Mitro has overlaid her art with a dinner gong “come and get it while it’s hot” ad message.
I’ve turned away three buyers who wanted to buy my art for a million dollars apiece,” Mitro admitted. Mitro requires the money go to hunger relief and won’t budge on the requirement. “The main purpose of the money for the paintings is to fund my hunger relief work. I firmly believe I can be a key ingredient in ending hunger in this generation,” she said.
Mitro’s ad series is often blatantly commercial: “Everyone wants one. Few can afford one. Fewer own one.” Or a stack of cash and the message, “With the privilege of buying it comes the perk of watching it appreciate.”
Ms. Mitro’s motivations often come from her love of the metaphysical and the Daytona Beach atmosphere; dogs became a popular vehicle because they’re often spotted beachside, but the ads also feature birds, cats and old family photos, as well as finger painting-ish chairs and scenes.
There’s a dog for every message, you might say,” Kathy says. “I’ve got a lot of messages filed away in my head. Found animals, people and things are the carriers of the ideas. I see the thing, I recognize the idea I’ve had filed away on some mental index card, and that’s why that image happens,” the artist said.
When asked why her pieces have commanded a big price tag, Ms. Mitro shrugs esoterically  “Related to Warhol. My oddball name. I finger paint photos? I gave up trying to figure that out years ago, but probably just the power and the strength of the art. Also I’m not dead yet—so just wait, the prices will go up.”
Ms. Mitro is well known for various series of abstract paintings, swirly photos, and quirky works. Known for large scale works, one of her pieces has been virtually printed at sixty feet tall and required the side of a building for proper display.

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