Mini-Haiku (Tiny) Paintings Part 3

All mini haiku's measure 5" by 7"

The Gamut of Emotions

Fear is A Four Letter Word

Bike Riding With The Wind and Free As A Bird

My Teacher Mrs. Ogre

My Bonnie Lye Over The Ocean

Dragon on The Path In Golden Rain

Alack Aley Noah at Sea

Get A Little Drunk and You Land in Jail

Shhh Do You Hear What I hear

Pan The God of The Wild

My Mom Went to Tibet and All I Got Was This Lousy Yeti

First Day of School

No Fence Will Ever Separate Us (Gold Series)

 Helping Daddy Paint (Gold Series)

Chaos Wherever I go, I Think Not (Gold Series)

Narcissus at The Reflecting Pool

Come In She Said and I'll Give You Shelter From The Storm

Shadow Boxing

He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother

Paradise Re-Grown Even Lusher

The Evil of White Supremacy Soul Staining Ugliness

Pink Monkeys Must Live Free

A Dog Went a Marching

A Raspberry For Dotard Donnie


Boy In Blue Scarf Hugs Dog In Pilgrims Hat

By George I Think I Found It

Never Swallow Evil

Just Walk Away Renee Watercolor Dreams of Days Gone By

Save The Life of My Child

Education is Mandatory to Instill in Our Young

Those Girls in France Sure Know How to Dance

The Emergence of The Mighty Zoar

Drat It's That Damn Neighbor Again

If You Let Him There Will Always Be an Orange Man To Make You Sad

Sharknado Came For Me But I Was Smart I Disguise Myself as a Shark

A Study in Orange and Gray

Envy is Never a Good Look or Luck

The Samurai Inside

Hush Little Baby Don't Say a Word Mamas Going To Sing to You Like a Mocking Bird

I Ain't AScared of No Rabbits

Red Head Potato Head

Father and Son

Your Wish is My Command

The Beauty of The Earth as Seen by Man and Animal

Don't Just Stand There Aren't You Going to Help Me Up

And The Green Men Gathered and Some Wanted to Party and Some Wanted to Sleep

Strange Friends

Plato In The Garden On Democracy

Women Never Bow Your Head in Submission We Are Not Men’s Chattel

#MeToo but not for much longer

A headache is your head telling your heart no it can’t have what it wants

A hug comforts in times of high anxiety Bip and Bop soon find out

After we turn the country blue let’s turn it pink with women politicians

All babies are beautiful

All the eyes of Texas are upon you or time to cast out the misogynists

Alternate reality where Nemo decides not to touch the boat

As the mysterious oriental man hurries off

And he rose above the water and spoke to common man and he was common man

And the frog aspires to greatness

Be Kind Always NA

Beavis takes his smoke break in heaven

Being ready to drop into life but it’s a little intimidating

Beware of defeatist gremlins in your head

Birthday Suit

Can I ride in the sidecar daddy can I ride in the sidecar daddy can I ride in the sidecar daddy


Dichotomy of blue

Dimestore Madonna


Don’t envy the bird their freedom seize it for yourself now  NA

Don't you hate it when the ocean gets all mad and stuff at ya

Eating water

Everyone was kung fu fighting

Fairyland is not just for babies anymore

Fans always make out their Heroes to appear larger than they are

Fear is like a mouse run amok in your brain it gets you nowhere

Fear is only as real as you believe it to be

Filled with sunshine through and through

First kiss

Friends stick together and ward off the common enemy

From past to future a father always manages to retain his hold

He finally escaped the saddle and his freedom was a beautiful thing

Hell hath no fury like the woman pushed beyond The level of endurance

Her demeanor was cruel but the Fox did not care

Her inner persona revealed a mouse

Her nose to the grind stone she just got it done

Hidden control

His mama died the elephant cried fuck you trophy hunters

Italian Bride

It's as if Bart Simpson wants to rule the world

Je ta'dore

Joseph and his coat of many colors

Keystone Cop

Me Surfing

Monotony is living the same day over and over again hoping to get a different result
My beautiful big blue monster

My cat tried to enter into another dimension of reality and I snatched him back just in time

Kind of heart but everyone around him played him for a sucker

Me and my best pal Louie setting all the girls hearts a fluttering

Native American Angel

Norse thoughts produced Norse gods who made women’s life hell
'O Sole Mio

Of Squirrels and Men

Onward Superheroes
Overcoming Differences
Power Divide
Pressing on but I ain’t happy
Reality is what we perceive and nothing more
Relax let the boys play and enjoy the day
Scrumble for America
So three wishes you say  NA
Stoic on the outside laughing on the inside
The aliens have a ride
Strawberry Awakening
Summer Swing Time
Swan Boat Ride at Kennywood
Swept up in Pejorative discourse
Taylor and her girl squad
Technicolor dreams prevent a humdrum existence
The aliens have a ride
The beauty of fragility
The beauty of women knowing their own self worth
The breathtaking beauty of lines
The dance of a thousand ghosts
The Darkside of Mrs. Santa Claus
The delicate gentleman
The dog and the grasshopper swap stories
The eternal circle of humanities evolution where future changes past
The exit of King Louis
The farmer seeks the big city lights %
The Food Taster
The further he got from home the more of his baggage he shed
The Great turtle race  NA
The happy snail
The haunting 4 x 6
The lizard sneered from his perch of power believing himself to be invulnerable
The mastery of zen
The mysterious case of the strawberry man
The nearly invisible family
The news of her Betrayal sent him on a downward course
The Owl Who Would Be King  4 by 6
The pilgrimage
The power of belief in self
The Power of The Circle What you Believe You Perceive What You Perceive You Believe  4 by 6
The rocky cliffs of Dover were no challenge for them
The schoolyard
The sea was rough but they knew their stuff and sailed their way to victory
The sheer arrogance of those in power thinking they can coast forever and with no change on the backs of women ha
The sheer bliss of pregnancy
The spirit leaves the body
Trying to control an elephant
Venus de Milo cracks the whip
Viewing the world as your own private movie
Wally and Zelda
We is weary of the wait
When even the dog is tired of all your lectures
When Gasoline cars are finally relegated to the dustbin of history
When gray clouds of negativity threaten to consume you fly
When one falls in love with a dark cloud they always need help from a friend
When we look at women are we seeing what is really there or what we have been conditioned to see
Where’s Waldo
With Inner knowledge of reality we can perform great feats of psychotherapy
Women get things done