Mini Haiku (Tiny) Paintings Part 2

A Study in Orange and Gray
Invest Portfolio Quality Art

Fine Art Haiku is fine art in miniature form. A perfect pop of brilliant color telling a tiny tale.
All mini-haiku's measure 5" by 7"
More fun to collect than postage stamps, these tiny canvases let the collector come in at a much smaller price than larger the canvases which run in the millions.
 Each haiku is an original one of a kind painting on board,and signed by the artist.

Since the haiku paintings are so small they do not photograph well. 
They are to be viewed at a distance or across the room and not up close as in a photograph.
The best way to view what I see when I title them is to put the distance between the photo on the computer or phone and yourself as far away as possible

Size example for scale

Title :  Here Comes Peter Cottontail Hopping Down The Bunny Trail                                                             

Attention All Mice Be a Good Neighbor Remain in Wall
Awake Dreams of Valor and Courage
Babies Got a New Pet Fish and Everyone's Talking About It
Baby Angel Has Her Wings Adjusted
Baby Toddles Back to Bed After Her Fourth Cup of Water
Awake Thought Why All Eyes are Black and White
Bed Painting
Bike Riding With The Wind and Free As A Bird
Birds Don't Get Vertigo
Cow Jumping Through Clouds
Does This Painting Make My Bum Look Fat
Don't Cry For Me Argentina
Don't Just Stand There Aren't You Going to Help Me Up
Don't Sit Under The Orange Tree With Anyone Else But Me

One Thing You Can't Hide When Your Crippled Inside   

Pig On a Boat And His Pain In The Ass Friend 
Androgynous Tear  5" by 7" 

And Then They Flew Up The Willow Tree 
A Sleep Study
A Study in Red Black and Brown
And The Angel Came to Them and Said Be Not Afraid When You Are With Me You Can Breathe Beneath The Sea
And The Green Men Gathered and Some Wanted to Party and Some Wanted to Sleep
And Then As a Group They Went In Search of The Holy Grail
Anteater and Squirrel at Play
At The Beach With Rover and He's Afraid to Go in The Water

Love March 5" by 7" 

Grandma's Got Her Little Man and Shes As Happy As a Clam 5" by 7" 

Into One's Life Some Tears Must Fall 5" by 7" 

Flowers for Algernon 5" by 7" 

Whispers of a Different Life  5" by 7" 

Too Scary for Words 5" by 7" 

Symphony in D Minor 5" by 7" 

Weep No More My Lady 5" by 7" 

Birds Fly Over the Ocean Why Oh Why Can't I 5" by 7" 

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Le Chien  5" by 7" 

Sentimental Journey  5" by 7" 

The Pond  5" by 7" 
Dance of  A Thousand Colors  5" by 7" 

The Fifth Beatle 5" by 7" 

Senor Potato Head  5" by 7" 
Peace After the Shipwreck  5" by 7" 
Following The Leader 
"Groups of animals move purposefully, yet often only relatively few individuals have pertinent information as to where to travel," said Iain Couzin ...

Camouflage  5" by 7" 
Lascivious  5" by 7" 

Snooty No Just Confident  5" by 7" 
Yeesh! Math  5" by 7" 
No Ice Cream Today My Love Has Gone Away  5" by 7" 
Crazy Cat No I'm Golden 5" by 7" 
Marc Chagall Meets Pablo Picasso  5" by 7" 
Navigating The Ley Lines  5" by 7" 

Green Bird  5" by 7" 
The Sanguine Miss Ducky  5" by 7" 
Zonked  5" by 7" 
Here Comes Peter Cottontail Hopping Down the Bunny Trail  
Madonna  5" by 7" 
Ground Control To Major Tom  5" by 7" 

My Delicate Child  5" by 7" 
Fat Cat  5" by 7" Gifted
Weasel In The Corn  5" by 7" 
Training Animalistic Energy
Diptych 1. Hey There Little Red Riding Hood 2. The Big Bad Wolf Dreams of You

Caribbean Man  5" y 7" 
Look Before You Speak  5" y 7" 

Robin and His Merry Men Said They Would Put Humpty Dumpty Back Together Again
Departure  5" by 7"  $8,000
Le Tour de France  5" by 7"  $8,000
Chick and Bunny  5" by 7"  $8,000
A Two Eyed Flying Purple People Eater  5" by 7"  $8,000
Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid 5" by 7"  $8,000
The Singer  5" by 7"  $8,000
Hippie Chick and Her Pet Fish Zelda 

Unrequited Love's A Bore
Zank Heaven For It All
 Bowzer My Pet Bulldog
Opens Wide For a Duck Surprise
Shy Maiden
A Brilliant Day For Tropical Play
A Bed Time Story For The Spoiled Pooch
A Love Affair Doomed From First Inception The Cat and The Mouse
And In His Wisdom He Spoke Naught
A Dog Went a Marching