Medium Sized Paintings 16" By 20"

Diptych Rock and Roll  - Christmas -  Rock Star - NA
The Color Purple   18" by 24"
The Taking Down of Pelham 123
A rock star finally meets the big times. 
The red hot times. 
This is the full color version of my painting Rock Star in blazing color. 
In this painting you will see our same star peeking through the slightly opened curtain at his audience with a slight apprehension on his face. 
Is this what he really wants? 
Can he really do this is symbolized by his upside down reflection in the blue Christmas tree at the bottom.
Fame is a huge Christmas present but is not for the faint of heart.
Rock Star  

Bright Day 16 "by 20"   

Bright day is every bright day everywhere when the day just makes you happy to be alive.

Dance of The Divine a Tribute For All Dogs and Elephants 16" by 20"  

This is a native dance to honor elephants and dogs. 

If you look at the upper right and upper left of the painting you will see a dog on the right and an elephant on the left. 

I personally do not think there are any animals more special in the world or more loving than elephants and dogs. 

In the center we see a native dancing the dance of honor

And the Protestors Marched For What Was Good and Right

Force 16" by 20"

As all that is, is electricity and magnetic energy. 

This is electro-magnetic energy depicted in very beautiful colors. 

Also note that the rolling ball of energy is in constant rotation as energy never ceases to move, and creation never ceases in creation.

Forest 16" by 20" Not Available

All Good Samurai Go to Heaven

Rage 16" by 20"  

Rage is never pretty to look at, except in this case.


Vatican 16" by 20" Not Available

Hoverboard  16" by 20" 

Jesus Preaches While Kittens Reign Down16" by 20"  

Jesus preaches is about turning the light on to banish the darkness or soul staining of self flagellation and by doing so being able to evolve spiritually to the next level.

If you look at the bottom right hand side of the painting you will see Jesus with his back turned to the viewer with arm outstretched and long aqua colored hair with a white swirl on the back of his robe, preaching to a red man on the the left. 

The white swirl I take to be the holy spirit. 

Above in the sky you will see kittens reigning down from the sky. 

 In the hem of Jesus's robe you will see a tiny perfectly formed cat sitting in the grass. 

 If you look at the red man you will also see an eye underneath his arm. 

If you look closely at the painting there are many more to see. 

It is a very complex image.

Baby Phantom Spitfire 16" by 20"   

Phantom Spitfire is about the tremendous and unrecognized courage of our Air Force whose acts of bravery are mostly unseen.

This is a ghost of a World War 2 Spitfire Airplane. 

If you look at the lower right hand corner of the painting you will see the face of the airplane looking up and backwards. 

His face is yellow and he has two blue wings and you are viewing him from above. 

He is a phantom because you can see directly through him to the ground. 

This painting is very compelling and actually gives you vertigo when you look upon it in it's original form. 

It is a very cool painting

Never Forget You're An Angel  16" by 20"  

Blue Nosed Poodle / Exodus To The Sea 16" by 20"

Portrait of Bowzer Demonstrating His Invisibility Ability

And a New World Arises

Desert Sunset / Vanquished Sun 16" by 20" Not Available For Sale    

We see the vanquished sun done with it's work for the day, rest it's weary head on the sand of the desert, while with the sleeping of it's potent energy an unlocking of the mountains occurs from their rigid daily task as stoic sentinels, releasing them into beautiful winged birds that fly away into the night enjoying their nocturnal nightly ritual of freedom. 

 It is about the help or guidance we receive while sleeping when we return to our home the spiritual plane where we unlock from all our rigid judgements of self and return to the quality of pure acceptance.

Egret 16" By 20" 

  Kathy 16" by 20"   

The ephemeral reality of life.

Mask 16" by 20" 

We all wear masks around others until we come to trust them. 

With trust comes the removal of the mask. 

Some trust no one and in those individuals the mask never comes off.

Mother 16" by 20"  Not Available   

This painting portrays a mothers selfless love for her child and constant devotion even after passing into the spiritual realm. 

It is for every mother on every continent and a thank you for their tireless love. 

You will see a mother with angel wings holding her newborn child on her lap in the middle of a meadow with mountain in the background and a brilliant yellow sun shining it's glow through the mother who then projects it's brilliant glow around the baby she protects endlessly even through death

Muddled Ingress 16" by 20"  

Muddled Ingress is about the confusion man is beset with in choosing the correct life path for himself. 

If you look at the top left hand portion of the painting you will see the face of a man.

 Surrounding him are the myriad pathways he may choose to reach his desired life goal. 

It is the confusion of paths that may or may not be taken in life, and the tremendous angst one feels before embarking on a new path by agonizing over which is the correct path to take. 

One must embark into newness joyfully and without trepidation instead of being drawn into muddy colored pathways to reach desired financial security. 

 It is and always has been, the joy of the journey, for when you enjoy the journey it will always invariably have a great end. 

By the way the path that feels good to your heart is always the correct one.

 Feels good, is good.

My Journey Round The World as a Powerful Eagle !6" by 20" 

Looking in the left hand corner you can see a powerful eagle poised for her (hence the pink cheeks) flight around the globe. 

The globe can be seen very easily. 

Powerful computers and social media make these transverse very plausible and doable.

Ocher Sun  Not Available

Santa's Wild Ride 2015 16" by 20"   

This is the second painting of my Christmas series. 

A new Christmas painting will be painted in and released each December

Ziggy's Final Voyage Up the Bright White Tunnel, A Tribute to David Bowie 16" by 20" 

If you look at the painting you will see Ziggy with arms outstretched flying through the famous tunnel of light oft reported in near death experiences. 

You see his brilliant orange hair and his famous star on his chest. 

You will also see the circle on his forehead duplicated 4 times. 

As with all of my paintings I never intend subject matter, it only makes itself apparent somewhere in the creation time. 

I only realized this was David myself after I had an uncontrollable urge to paint the red star on his chest and I heard of his death hours later.

Unfinished Angel Business with Woman Working on a Computer  

This is an unintended painting of a woman. 

She is seen in profile with her hair pulled back in a ponytail. 

She is bent over a computer and as she works you can see a very large angel complete with wing looking over her as she works.

Two Bunny Rabbits on a Amusement Park Ride 

If you look at the right side of the painting you will see two bunny rabbits, one large and one small. 

The large bunny has a black eye, the small bunny has a brown eye and two tiny upturned brown feet. 

They are sitting in some sort of car and since they appear to be enjoying themselves I am going to say it is an amusement park ride. 

The small bunny is enjoying herself very much while the large bunny is leaning in towards her. 

This is a spirit painting meaning that I did not intend this picture it is a picture that came up unbidden. 

It is such a happy picture I really love it.

Tribute to Cy Twombly Lavender Roses 2015 

Night Terrors     

The Genie Within Your Minds Eye  

If you look at the left side of the picture you will see side profile of a head with the genie emerging and being one with it's eye. 

You can see the genie emerging from his throat chakra, which for me is the seat of all joy.

 In the upper left hand corner you can see a tiny astronaut, and many other faces throughout the canvas.

911 A Hail to Heroes A No to Savage Behavior 

This picture was painted one full year before 911 but brings up the day perfectly.

It is a perfect example of prescience. 

Although some of it is very sad, like the blood you can see pooled on the ground, it is to honor our brave protectors, the firemen and policemen which are depicted by strong trees, one leading the way and the other having their backs.  

The twin towers are easy to see and if you look at the top of them you will see the explosion when the airplane hit. 

You will see God depicted by a smiley face with his smile wiped off looking down on the scene. 

What is lost here in this picture because it was cropped but is in the original painting is the devil in the upper left hand portion of the painting standing with his trident you can see half of him here, and can see all of him in the un-cropped painting.

Portrait of Moo Moo Resilient Character Overcoming Trepidation  

This is a portrait of my beloved cat Moo Moo who trepidatious character stems back to his early birth on the street. 

A brave little guy who every day faces down his fears and shows how incredibly resilient character is.


Quantum is a painting personifying the famous Young Double Slit Experiment. 

You can see the tiny photon of light clearly as a particle (the little orange guy on the right hand bottom of the painting ready to make his big boy journey though the slit in the screen. 

A playful look at quantum physics.

The Horse Jumped Through the Moon / Jay Leno on a Rocking Horse 2015 

This painting can be seen two different ways. 

If you look one way it is a rocking horse jumping through a crescent moon. 

If you look another way it is Jay Leno's very recognizable face and chin riding on a rocking horse.


Shark is about the myriad world of doubt and anxiety manufactured by self that seldom sees manifestation.

Sharks cause much fear when we let our imaginations overrun our common sense. 

The shark can be seen at the very top of the painting spotted by his red eye. 

The chaos he causes with his fearful presence dissolves into elaborate building blocks of imagined disasters that will most likely never be realized but ruin the quality of ones life with their worry.

Lines Drawn In Space Captured on Canvas Or Discordant Lines Of Continuity  

Me Snoodle The Poodle at Play   

If you look at the right of the painting you will see a huge blue poodle a stuffed animal with a sprung nose. 

He is barely tall enough to see over the table where he is playing a game of jacks. 

As he plays with his playful energy he is bringing a red poodle between him and the jacks to life and we see it rising from the table. 

While the blue poodle is all innocence, it is yet to see what the red poodle will become.

The Marriage of The Old Masters With Futuristic Art 

 This particular painting I titled Marriage. 

It is the marriage of the old and the new in Art. 

The old a knight bridegroom, with a happy go lucky look on his face. 

The new an alien bride with a pious sour look on her face as she appears to sacrifice herself to this marriage. 

The preacher is a beautiful purple horse of some sort seen on the left hand side of the painting. 

If you look beside the couple you will see a candle lit for the marriage ceremony throwing light on the union. 

You will also see a wedding guest at the very bottom of the left hand side of the painting.

 Most important of all if you look carefully at the bottom right hand side of the painting, right below the couple, you will see the future child of the marriage an animal curled in sleep and waiting to be born. 

Look for his eye first and his shape should become apparent to you. 

 As it is set in a futuristic setting the future is absorbing the old and by the fusion of marriage, evolving into the now.

Red Car  

For red car lovers everywhere. 

In the center of the painting you will a red car a Z sports car and at the bottom right of the painting a white picket fence. 

As the picket fence symbolizes marriage and all the attendant responsibilities, the Z overlaid on the sports car in the universal symbol of no, indicates someone is not yet ready to give up single life quite yet.

The Frog Turns his Back on the Triplets/ Or Little Miss Confidence and the Three Om's of Creation 

Sleeping Beauty 2015  

A new take on a very old fairy tale.

 If you look at the upper left hand corner of the painting you will see the prince portrayed as a gentle horse with beautiful piercing blue eyes. 

His princess lays sleeping with eyes closed to the left of him. 

She has little form or shape as she is not yet awakened or become enlightened. 

You can also see a green fish being drawn up to the Prince's paw in the left hand corner of the painting.

Duck On Ski's in Paradise   

Who would not love a picture of a duck on skis in paradise. 

The duck may be cute but the colors denoting paradise are perfection in themselves.

Fluorescent Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink with a base of Coastal Blue.

Bunny Rabbit on a Mission   

The bunny is on a mission. 

If you look at the right of the painting you will see a bunny rabbit resolutely marching down a pair of stairs that is framed in yet another painting within the painting.

 At the left you will see a vase of water personified with it's own set of eyes half filled with tiny goldfish swimming in it. 

The bunnies mission? 

 She has set out to solve the problem and the pain of hunger.

Steven Hawkins 2015 The Theory of Everything

Primordial Stew Sea Dip 

If you look at the center of the painting you will see a spermatozoa. 

It is the creation of human life. 

The colors bold and bright depict the vibrancy of life to be and the wealth of experiences to come.



B. Succubus 

C. Docility 

D. He's Back 

A Ducks Escape From The Mundane Into the Incredible     

Rudolphs Embarrassed at His New Found Fame
And a New World Arises
Baby Please Don't Leave Me I Know I Dunn You Wrong
Delicate Creation on a Summer Porch
Diptych Hotel California  A The Staff  NA
Diptych Hotel California  B The Guests  NA
Grandpa Has Come To Play Cause It's Happy Mexican Mickey Mouse Day

How To Teach Your Pet Dragon How To Roll Over in Three Easy Steps

I Opened My Mouth and Nothing But Color Came Out

If Women Remain Tongue Tied It Will Forever Be a Man's World

Rise The Air is Always Clearer at The Top

Shipwrecked Sailor

Study of a Man in Purple Replete With Requisite Demons in His Head

When Light Hits Darkness Evil Runs

Triptych The Bringing Down of The Orange Man

The Mighty Toilet Spirit Asks, May I Help You With Your Bath

Imperial Dragon Wizard

Send Out Your Best Even If They Don't Want to Go

The Bread Man Cometh and He Say's Bring Butter

Those Who Love All Animals Are The Sunshine of The World
The Dog and The Cats Simply Sat Until Her Mad Was Over  

The Monster in My Closet is Heaven Forbid Me, A Part of My Very Own Psyche
Just Because The Voice in Your Head Talks to You Doesn't Mean You Have To Listen to It
Tea Party For Dad and Me Underneath The Old Banana Tree as The Pineapple Man Erupts Beneath Us
God Save The Queen
Triptpych - Married Couple  and The Women Who Came Between Them  A The Sleep of The Wrong

B  The Life of Those Who Don't Know Right From Wrong

C  The Sleep of The Righteous
Memories of Quest For Better Life Fulfilled
And The Clouds Give Birth to Babies and The People Smile
Back To The Future in My DeLorean
Lessons For The Lady Who Would Be Queen
Misty Memories for Events Yet Realized Viewed By Ed Grimley
My Very Elegant Friend
Shaking Off The Cobwebs of Self Deprecation
The Screwer or The Screwee It’s All In Which Whose Eyes We See
The Siren Call of Camraderie No One Escapes It
Vociferousness Is Frowned Upon
Yellow Submarine Thank You Robin Cook for Abduction
The Librarian
Sometimes Being Busy is Good For Your Soul
At The End of The Day Even When Day Is Done Mothers Worry About Their Son

Baby Henry Tries Out His New Jet Pack  18 by 24
Mamas Don’t Let Your Boys Grow Up To Be Soldiers
Pink Is For Pink Hats In The Time Space Continuum That Is Now
Celluloid Illusions of Perfection Lead to Intrusive Scrutiny of What is Merely an Invention
From Child to Woman an Intense Experience Not Helped by Unsavory Characters 18 by 24
God Save The Queen
Mueller Flashes His Badge And Suddenly No Escape Is Possible
Skull With Purple Eye
There is a Special Place in Hell Reserved for Trophy Hunters