Mini-Haiku Part 5

Under the sea NA
Why do you crawl when you can fly NA
The Puzzle
A Pool of Creation
All dogs go to heaven
And man takes wing
Education must come right after food and shelter
First Official Appearance For The Little Alien Princess and She’s Not Feeling Very Confident
Ghost who thought he was man
He fell asleep in the woods one day he spent 20 years of his life that way
In Their Sameness They Felt Comfort
It’s right there waiting for you your golden self don’t let fear hold you back
Mama Gets Her Wings
Man and Woman are self-contained units but interconnected with all
Navigating the bayou
Orange Figurehead for October sail
Outdoor Music Concerts are The Best
People in His Life Rotated Through His Head Like a Never Ending Parade of Juggling Balls.
Sitting on the subway dreaming of a different life
Some whispered garish but he just loved color
Sometimes it’s all about going against the flow
Squish the grapes with your feet they said, it’ll be fun they said
Thankfully it All Went in One Ear and Out the Other
The Devil Came Down to Georgia and He Must Be Checked

The Dove of Peace has Conquered The Bunny of Fear
The Little Ghost Plays Hide and Seek
Thinking of The Child He Leaves She Cries Husband Sighs
thumbnail 333
thumbnail 334
A Rake And He Knows it
The Ever Elusive Brain
Two Friends Explore King Tut’s Tomb
Yoga Zen
A drop of sunshine bowed his head
And the holiness was fake and the people were mightily fooled
And The Righteous Triumphed As Always  5 by 5
And the sun beat upon their faces and it felt good
And the wind screamed Mary
And the yellow bird is free
And Then As a Group They Went In Search of The Holy Grail
And then the TV ate me
Anger at the zoo is high because animals need to be free
Anteater and Squirrel at Play
And The Angel Came to Them and Said Be Not Afraid When You Are With Me You Can Breathe Beneath The Sea
A Bed Time Story For The Spoiled Pooch
A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed
A piece of ourselves is always left behind wherever our attention wanders  
Are All you earthlings this tiny
Art class Jefferson Elementary
Artistic camp
Attention All Mice Be a Good Neighbor Remain in  Wall
Awake Dreams of Valor and Courage
Awake Thought Why All Eyes are Black and White NA
Babies Got a New Pet Fish and Everyone's Talking About It
Baby Angel Has Her Wings Adjusted
Baby Toddles Back to Bed After Her Fourth Cup of Water
Baby's Teddy Bear Has a Teddy Bear
Be Kind Always
Beautiful Face Sometimes do Grow on Trees
Beautiful petrichor from the gales of November come early
Bed Painting
Bike Riding With The Wind and Free As A Bird
Birds Don't Get Vertigo
Birdseye view of the gorgeous tsunami of truth  
Diptych Hey There Little Red Riding Hood 2.The Big Bad Wolf Dreams of You
Blue eyes crying
Bluebell the cow loves her bath
Bowzer My Pet Bulldog
Boy girl surfboard  love is in the air
Brown Frown
Bungle in the Jungle
Buoyed by her newfound power she declares she has no further need of eyeglasses her eyesight is cured
By George I Think I Found It
Capturing the Octopus
Casting Out The Net   NA
Channeling ones inner cat
Chasing the elusive girl
Children march to a different drum 5 x 5
Chinese farmer
Cry me a river
Dad takes his turn at the remote
Dagnabit when the angel came it talked to my horse instead
Dog and elephant hug can be rotated for different hugs
Damsel with the yellow purse
Death might have stolen his treasure but his spirit over it still presides
Delicate creatures in a delicate world
Demons seem to follow him on all his journeys
Don’t let the bee sting ya on your way Out  4 by 6
Don’t let yourself become lost among the weeds
Don't Cry For Me Argentina
Don't Sit Under The Orange Tree With Anyone Else But Me