Biography of Artist Katheleen Mitro

I am a metaphysical painter who has studied spirituality for much of my life. 
By metaphysical I mean seeing and knowing things beyond the reach of our ordinary senses.
By spirituality I mean the inner silence in which we experience the true grandeur of who we actually are.
My method of painting comes from my fascination with psychic phenomena and the future.
I have always since early childhood felt the future will unveil not only fantastic new technologies but also undreamed of spiritual awakenings.
I believe that thought is subtle electrical energy and that energy from the resultant thought can actually travel from the subconscious where it is  picked up as prescience to a blank canvas.
This creates scenes that are either;
  1. Important for me to capture. 
  2. Important for the eventual buyer of the piece  to capture.
  3. Important to the world to capture.
Encapsulated, my painting are drawn from inner scenes existing as vibrational energy in my subconscious and are not drawn on the canvas, but actually pulled from the canvas.
There is in my paintings a transference of the energy stream of the scene presented onto the canvas, so my paintings vibrate with the actual energy of the scene they present for viewing.
I call my art, "Art Purely From the Soul With No Filter ."
It's genre is soft abstract expressionism art, but  it is the way that it is created that makes it much more unique than it's actual genre.
Faced with a blank canvas I do not plan what to paint, I merely swipe paint on the canvas and let whatever picture wants to come up, comes up.
I rarely use a paint brush to paint with, preferring a rag or my own fingers which distributes a light coating of paint to better bring up the embedded scene.
My subconscious sees the invisible energy of a scene, impregnates the canvas with this invisible energy and when I wipe paint on the canvas it adheres only to the energy of the impregnated scene creating a picture.

It is energy from my subconscious that creates the picture and this is why I say it comes straight from the soul.  
When I say no filter I mean I do not filter or change any images that come up.
It is also for this reason that the paint on all my canvas is very lightly applied.
This is so it does not cover up, but actually uncovers the painting theme. 
 My art is about a move to a gentler more peaceful society which is portrayed by gently flowing cartoon like shapes and beautiful bright flowing color.
My work is always about the good in man and in society and it's meaning is always upbeat and positive.
Nothing dark always brilliant light and softness.
By putting out such light in my art I believe I am contributing to peace and happiness, for who can be dark or sad when viewing such brightly colored gentle creatures.
As the subconscious is ones soul I am delighted that my soul appears to be a happy one as my art comes out in playful happy cartoonish like characters and beautiful colors.
My work is also about uncovering and using the latent talent we all possess, but very few understand we have, of Extra Sensory Perception, ESP.
Happiness and fun is the main theme that runs through most of  my painting and a knowing that we are moving slowly and steadily towards a kinder and more gentle society and world.
Laughter and fun, enjoying the ride while we are here, lightening up and playing, not tightening up and stressing.
I believe that good energy embedded in a picture is good energy added to a household.
I believe the most important character a person can possess is kindness.
If I was any further left, I would fall off the face of the Earth :)
and if I was any farther left I would fall into Heaven ↻

I live in Daytona Beach Florida and have one child, a son Alexander William

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Press Release
Press Release 

USA and The Final Curtain For The Infamous Orange Man/The World is Woke  36" By 48"

Although I have a typical artists bias and love all my paintings my favorite three are:

Thought 36" by 48" which tells the story of the creation of all that is material, through the electricity of mind focus.

Thought  36" By 48"

Desert Sunset Vanquished Sun  16" by 20" which tells a beautiful fairy tale of what happens each night when the sun goes down.
It is about the help or guidance we get while sleeping where we return to our home the spiritual plane, and unlock from all our rigid judgement of self and return to the quality of pure acceptance and love that is omnipresent there.

Desert Sunset/Vanquished Sun  16" By 20"

 Kitten With a Blue Scarf on the Road to Nirvana 11" by 14" which tells the tale of a kitten on his path to Nirvana who on  his journey  becomes aware that all is just one energy manifesting in myriad different physical forms.

Kitten With A Blue Scarf On The Road To Nirvana  11" By 14"

Some of my new favorites are all my 8 by 10 Inch painting which are pictorial metaphysical truths.

The Dissolution of Time
The Duck Searches for And Finds The Moment of Now
In case you have not heard it yet today, you are good looking and intelligent and thank you for reading to the very end :)