Mini Haiku (Tiny) Paintings 5" By 7"


Fine Art Haiku is fine art in miniature form. 
A perfect pop of brilliant color telling a tiny tale.
All mini-haiku's measure 5" by 7".
More fun to collect than postage stamps, these tiny canvases let the collector come in at a much smaller price than the larger canvases which run up to a million.

Each haiku is an original one of a kind painting on board and signed by the artist.
My choice of the haiku runs on the lower price.
Your choice of the haiku runs on the higher price.

Get Me to The Birth on Time  

This is a twist on the typical delivery of baby by stork.

In this painting we see a bunny rabbit delivering a baby mouse

The baby is all sweet swaddled innocent trust on the right side of the painting,
while the bunny rabbit all in green on the left, is either steel serene determination to accomplish his job, or mad haste as he turns his head to check on the safety of the baby

His emotion is determined by how the viewer sees the bunny's head turned, either turned back towards the baby or straight ahead. 

Jazz in Pictorial Form with Charlie the Cat

In Twenty Hundred And One Eighteen An Unknown Man Sailed The Ocean Blue

Is That a Cow On Your Head or Are You Just Happy to See Me

Love Rules all Species

Transparent Fish

When We Allow Each Other Our Foibles We Can Remain Committed and Grow Old Together

Upon Becoming 

The Man in The Moon Sends His Children Off to School

The Most Noblest of Ducks

The Monk

The Mom to Be Was Sorely Pleased and Hoped The Birth Would be an Easy One

Gorilla Hug

Green men watch their money

Trees With Eyes That See Me

Sea Horse and Lion 

Gossip Time in The Garden






Golden people emerge

In One Many

Egrets and kites assorted beach Delights

Escaping from monsters and other bad thoughts

Even a Mother's Love Can Turn Around When Not Returned

Felix the cat takes to moonwalking 4 x 6

Everyone has an angel everyone
Family of Three Go Paddleboarding
Ghosts fly why oh why can’t I
Dragon at Play    

Ode to a Civilized Society or No Man Left Behind /  We Are Humanity Not Nationality

Flamingo in paradise
Flight of the bumblebee
Freedom is a seven letter word

Peace in America   

Friends Help You Climb Your Mountains   4 by 6
Gentlemen of His Day Learned That They Could Get Away With Almost Anything
I Ain't AScared of No Rabbits

Morphus Morpheus Polar Bear in Blueberry Field 



Group Hug

Rising Horse 

Horse is about a being seeking their inner self in such a state of knowing that they physically ascend.



He learned his liquidity from the Cat 4 by 6
He ranted and raved all the way to his grave


Humpty Dumpty in pure white free fall

He’s got it the coolness factor times three now how do I get it for me
He's Not That Bad of a Guy He's Just Too Into You


Hey Elvis you ain’t nothing but a hound dog
His illusion of greatness did not fool him
How to cure a phobia Neuro - Programming 4 by 6 

Mickey Bathes and Moosie Flies /Aeromancy   

Three Greyhounds    

Him crying for a love lost

He was bigger than life or so they thought


Royal Blessing for The Sacred Elephant  

Teenage Angst   

Tribute to Basquiat   


                                  That Eccentric Old Mrs Fuddlesbee 

Do You Love Me Surfer Boy  

To Market To Market To Buy a Fat Pig  

I'm On The Top of the World Looking Down on Creation  5" by 7"   $8000

Happy  5" by "   $8000


And Man Moves Forever Upward  

We can see the white man moving slowly and steadily upward from his water birth.
The color of  red is so exquisite in the painting I felt it was powerful enough to  stand alone as the painting and I was tempted, but when I added the white man it suddenly became one of my favorite paintings 

The Joyful Hobbit  
A Tempest at Sea, Is Coming For Me

Baby's Teddy Bear Has a Baby Teddy Bear
Please Don't Swallow Lady Bugs
I Will Always Remember That Dress
Hasidic Rabbi
Sleepy Reaching For My Bath Towel
Easter Egg Sunday With My Friend The Owl
 Hug In The Hereafter
Save The Elephants (Gold Series)

Oh The Joy of The Octopus Boy

The Gospel Singer (Gold Series)

Clandestine (Gold Series)
Pathos (Gold Series)
Chinese Pottery Glows With Chinese Energy

Send In The Clowns

Re-Training Animalistic Energy
The Dance of The Fairies
The Gamut of Emotions
Doug's Signature
Envy is Never a Good Look or Luck
Even a Mother's Love Can Turn Around When Not Returned
Fascinating Rhythm
Gates trump Russia
Exit of The Stinging Bee
Gentlemen of His Day Learned That They Could Get Away With Almost Anything
Gossip Time in The Garden
Group Hug
He Carries The Memory Always Inside Noblesse Oblige
He Sullenly Declares I Love My Sagging Pants and Ain't Nobody Gonna Take Them Away