Very Small Paintings 8" By 10"

The Dissolution of Time
The difficulty of becoming self-aware  8 by 10
The Devil was In The Details  8 by 10
The Battle for America
Viewing different planes of reality can be confusing  8 by 10
As a new size they are my most current paintings and feature most of my current favorites.
Misdirected Anger 8 by 10
Plagiarizing The Study of Lucian Freud  8 by 10
Those That Drag Children Away Have Forfeited Their Souls  8 by 10
They are done in acrylics and oil stick.
The Duck Searches for And Finds The Moment of Now
Thank Heaven for Little Girls
Adventure on The High Sea
Sleep Is Not Eradicated Even in Advanced Civilizations  

Mechanical man operating on rote 8 x 10

Her power lay in her ability to ignore feelings of low self-worth  8 by 10

Having the ear of the gods

Fishing for a what  8 by 10

Eternal Inner striving of man to make sense of physical reality 
Dissolving into sleep state

Angel Too
Grandma's Got Her Mojo Back
Joseph Flying Over Jerusalem 
Observing The Fall of The Liquid Cat
Stranger in The Night
The Bread Makes a Run For It From The Mean Sandwich Man 
The Cocktail Party
The Courting Couple on a Sunday Afternoon
The Quest
The Wrong Marriage is Like a Death Sentence
What Have I Become She Cried As She Sought To Leave  
All Life is Interconnected No Exceptions 
The emperor got new clothes and all I got was this lousy guard duty job  
Camptown Racetrack 5 miles long  
My pet octopus likes to sit on my head and I’ll be damned if I know why  
And The Clouds Sought to Demonize  8 by 10
Rudolph With a Yellow Nose and His Friend Sharkey LaRue

The Schoolyard 8  by 10