Mini-Haiku Paintings Part 4

The Creation of Golden People NA 
Mrs Frankenstein

I Is Standing On My Head
I looked Around and Suddenly I was Old
If we were not broken how would light get in
Imaginary dragons or Not
In life one can either jump or spend their life thinking about jumping
Intense Study of Family in Natural Setting  5 by 5
It That's A Drone It Must Be 2018 In a Very Good Way
It’s supposed to be Yin Yang 4 x 6
Just A simple man with simple tastes
Juxtaposition 5 by 7 NA
Kitty the cat and his friend Hoot the owl
Ladies of her day were not permitted to play
Letting go of the shore is the first step in any journey
Life of the party
Living the fairytale
Looking for wisdom in all the wrong places 4 by 6
Lord Chaulsery pours over his favorite book
LSD dreams and the awakening of the soul
Mad Genius Play Your Magic Song for Me
Making do
Male figurehead
Manifestation spirit animal totem
Marching Marching to Victory  5 By 5
Materialization the Mid Stages 
Me and my big beautiful blue cow
Me and My Girl Louise  
Be Kind  NA
Mischief in a 40 pound package
Miss Mousie and her Explosion of the flowers
Modern day nativity
Monday morning
Moon faced man
Mother's Love Transcends Species Lines

My love fills my world
Noblesse Oblige
Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen
Nobody told me there would be sharks here
Old man river
On the beach with a banana surprise
One Guantanamera
Oranges and lemons said the bells of Saint Clements
Over Golden Pond  
Overturn all marijuana convictions and for the love of God legalize it
Paramecium 4 by 6  
Parents always have your back
Park land chutzpah of the youth irreplaceable in a democracy
Parlor picture for my horse Buttermilk Titled "Bale of Hay"
Pensive Pug
Playing dress-up from mommy’s closet
Please don’t blow on the blowfish or he will run away
Portrait of Jack as a young and old man
Portrait of Picasso the man
Praying mantis guards lion says it all in a days work
Professor Hardwick knows his Greek mythology
Psychedelic mama
Red Head Potato Head
Reporting for duty
Riding that wave of sunshine from the intersection of physical and spirit  4 by 6
Rooster as he sees himself on LSD
Read it’s important
Reading a book is a wonderful look on anyone
Rover just adores his grandmother and the feeling is mutual
Sadie Hawkins Kiss
Sadness inside is seen as I am a pink monster I’s
Say no to convention diptych
Secret meeting
Setting off for a new life  
Shake Off That Gloomy Mask of Tragedy
She appeared as soft as a kitten by the time I found out she was not it was too late
She talked and she talked but the gorilla could still not understand
She’s Got Oscar Fever and She’s Got it Bad
Show me the way to go home
Smoking my one cigarette best part of the day
Some pillows are better than others like clouds and bums
Sometimes I sits and thinks
Sometimes invisible brain of those high on love
Space the final frontier
Split Personalities Catch You Off Guard
Strange Friends
Suborning prejudice
What is this life I sits and thinks
What’s that feeling, ah sublime
When Betty talks people walk
Wolfie and Joey
You win some you lose some but you got to keep playing the game
Your sister I didn’t know she was your sister
Victoria Falls
Viewing my system from the outside 4 by 6
Vintage Grateful Dead
Wait you don’t have to go away all mad and stuff
Watercolor Christmas
We Are Faaaamily  
We don’t deserve dogs
We gotta sink the Bismarck because the world depends on us
Time has a way to belie eager young man
Time Travel on The River Nile
To reach your desired destination you must first leave the comfort of Familiarity behind
To the Royal Manor born
Tropical paradise fantasy picnic
The Singer
The siren call of the alien mermaid
The Snowman Waits For His Turn
The unhappy Jester
The Women With The Ski Jump Nose and Sunglasses  NA
The Yin Yang of the art world
Their romance was fodder for the bored
There is freedom in  walking away
Those magnificent men in their flying machines
The pride of the fleet
The Ramblin wreck from Georgia Tech
The rest of the room disappears when you’re talking to your friends
The King on rollerskates is a real crowd pleaser
The land of Nod 
The land of Nod 1
The magic power of the flying dream
The Puppy is having bad dreams
The overlords soon would meet their fate
The path to a friends home is always well-traveled
The much maligned Mr. Magoo
The musician does what he does best touches souls
The Maid Who Acted as Mom
The man in the yellow hat  walks home
The delicate family
The desert seemed endless that hot summer day even the camels did not want to play
The devil lost so he went home
The Embrace  
The Emperor and the Empress
The frog inside the man
The Game is Afoot
The game was fraught with peril 
That certain feeling when you’re sure others are reading over your shoulder
The Analyst
The beauty in a summer swim
The beauty of diversity
The board room
The chain of command
The Clean scrubbed look of freedom
The dance of 1000 veils brings out the admirers
Summer picnic
Sunday morning Saturday night regret
Under the sea NA
When gray clouds of negativity threaten to consume you fly
A pool of creation
Sometimes it’s all about going against the flow
In Their Sameness They Felt Comfort
A Rake And He Knows it
You Are The Director, Producer and Star of Your Own Vision of What Your Personal Reality Is