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Saturday, November 7, 2020

Stages of Lilliputian Painting - The Lilliputians Take Down The Man Who Thought Himself King

This way?

Or this way?

This way




Still not done yet but soon :)


Final Picture Complete With Analysis - November 22, 2018 Thanksgiving

Nov 2018 -
The main object in the painting is a man with orange hair laying prostate with his eyes closed.

Above him we see an alligator with wide open mouth and a man for his eye seeming to control his bite.
In the very center of the painting we see the back of a man with blue hair and a wave of pink underneath him.
Again hmmm.
The far right hand corner we see another man with embarrassed red checks seeming to want to flee the scene as quickly as possible. 
His nose is purple as in enlightened knowledge, his head is green as in growth and I see him as a contrite supporter that has dun seen the light, and wants to distance himself from what he has done.
In the top left corner we see a huge rat with a yellow eye looking down on the man in what? Sorrow, apathy?
We see the Lilliputians bottom left, the colored crowd with their coloring signaling greater stature, the ones with a little more power to take him down.
The Lilliputians beside them the laborers, the worker ants working ceaselessly but in anonymity with only vague outline to their shapes signaling this.
Above the prostate head we see the town crier calling out the words the world has been waiting to hear, with an oversized hashtag of a plaid shirt, and beside him the Lilliputian spiritual workers working with the mind and other realms on the take down.
Finally in the upper left hand corner we see the ghost of William Shakespeare looking down at the scene in wonderment of a story even more fanciful than his own fiction.
There is much much more in the painting but I grow weary and will leave the rest of it for you to unravel.

Update November 7, 2020
Okay trump was taken down today by Joe Biden in the Presidential Race.
He was at the golf course when the news announced Biden's win.
See the stomach of the prostate figure he has a sand trap and a golf tee on his belly.
Damn I'm good.
The meaning of the painting revealed years later
trump is taken down at the golf course by the little peop
le's vote.