Friday, September 25, 2020

In Memory of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

As the world mourns the death of one of the most beautiful woman inside and out, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, I ran across an old painting I painted a little over 2 years ago.

As all my paintings are metaphysical and done with no intent, I was surprised at the time to see a woman's profile emerge.

And as with all my paintings upon completion the title merely pops into my head

In this case the title appeared as "Memories of Quest For Better Life Fulfilled"

I paint a lot.

I did not give the painting much thought until yesterday when I ran across a digital image of it, and I thought wow that looks exactly like Ruth.

Now until the horror that has befallen on us in the White House I have never had any interest in politics or the machinations of the legal system.

Ruth Ginsburg until this time had merely been a familiar name.

I knew nothing at all of her including her brilliant work on women's rights.

So I looked at the painting and thought I wonder if she ever wore red lipstick and researching it found it was at least at one time one of her trademarks.

Doing a little more research I even found this photo with her wearing the same

double drop earrings as in the painting

You also see her signature eyeglasses in the painting and one of the best parts is you see a double image of her head in the space of her heart with a line full of women climbing up the pathway she has made for them to a higher future and life.

And indeed she fulfilled her quest to provide a better life for millions of woman.

In memory of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Rest in Peace Angel