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Friday, February 18, 2022

All Animals Deserve To Live Free - This Is A Right Not A Privilege

 A lot in the spiritual world have been waiting for the moment prophesized of the evolution of humanity.

A new awakening of humanity into a golden age.

I too feel it in my heart.

What a lot are not thinking about is what exactly would need to be done to prepare oneself for a more utopian society.

When you think of utopia do you envision peace?

Do you envision love?

Do you envision kindness?

Do you envision torturing animals, terrorizing them, ripping their children away from them and then slaughtering them to eat?

Well of course you don't envision the last one but that is exactly what every man women and child who is not a vegan is doing right now.

If you want to awaken, if you want to evolve to the golden age of humanity do you think it will take only a snap of the fingers and you will be peaceful and kind?

Peace and kindness must be part of you before you are even in the game of evolving.

You must be before you can do.

As many of you are considering your next meal and what it will be I urge you if it is not vegan to take a moment in contemplation of the life the animal in your meal has had.

If it contains dairy it is from a tortured cow impregnated (raped) -then forced to give birth only to have her infant child ripped from her at birth as she cries piteously for her baby who not only never gets to drink the milk their Mama produced for them, but is instantly slaughtered to wind up as veal on your dinner plate.

Is this a picture of Utopia?

Girl babies are also taken from her to be raised apart so when they are of child bearing age the same thing can be done to them.

Now the Mama is hooked up to machinery for the next 10 months pumping her breast milk into containers to end up in your drink glass, cheese, yogurt or ice cream.

After a 2 month rest the cycle repeats and she is impregnated (raped) again to produce more breast milk for a baby she never gets to touch.

This is the dairy industry it is a horrific cruel torture of animals so you might drink a cow's breast milk.

Is you a cow?

No, then that milk does not belong to you, it belongs to a cow baby.

An excellent video to watch on the dairy industry is one done by Panorama

I have two things to say about the Jump

1. Find your God he is everything.

2. Go Vegan as if your life depends upon it for indeed it does.