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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Do Intellectual Titles in Abstract Art Put You Off?

Ocher Sun or The Quest For Oneness Omnipresent In All 

Have you ever looked at an abstract painting and wondered at the creativity behind the title.
To you it is merely an explosion of color. 
To the artist it is a story that is pretty hard for anyone to see but the artist himself.
It is for this reason that I love expressionism that has readable form.
Paintings, not merely paint applied to a canvas. 
Then given an elegant title.
In ocher sun we can actually see earth, grass and sun.

Ocher sun is the circle of creation where the sun gives its energy to the earth becoming one with it and transmuting the energy of oneness into the growth of the grass which then rises and seeks the sun to become one with it again

In My Mom Pays More Attention we see the object of jealousy, we see the jealous brother and we see the mother.

My Mom Pays More Attention to My Brother Than to Me

In bird of death we see the transporting bird, we see the dying soul and we see the doorway portal to heaven

Bird of Death of The Final Flight of The Human Psyche
Okay call me biased I painted all the above paintings and I love them so.
I love that when I point out the forms, people say oh wow I see it now!
I love for people to get my paintings.
I love that my paintings go beyond mere abstraction to a readable story told with just a few lines and splotches of paint.
I am happy because I know if I don't love my paintings with all my heart it would be silly for me to think anyone else will.
And that is the metaphysical truth of it.