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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Is the Naked Female Form in Art a Terrible Cliche?

Is the naked female form in art a terrible cliche?
Every time I look at another artist's work and see paintings of naked women I groan.
Where are the naked men?
Perhaps this is why Michelangelo's David is so well received. He's one of a kind.
Michelangelo's David
But I digress I don't want to look at naked men either.
What I want to look at, is the soul and the spirit of the thing.
Perhaps that is why expressionism in art so appeals to to me.
What is the fascination with the naked body.
We all have one.
We have all seen many (most of us anyway).
There are only two phases to our existence.
One is life, where we possess a body that we can look at anytime we wish.
The other is our spiritual life after we pass when we have no physical body.
It makes more sense to admire the spiritual when we have a body.
And to admire naked paintings of bodies when we are in Heaven and don't have one.
Just sayin.
PS:If your looking for naked pictures this is not your site (Smile) I only paint the spirit and soul of the thing. I'm waiting till I get to Heaven to start painting the naked bodies.
Man - Mitro