Embed KATHELEEN MITRO LUXURY ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM ART: NOW Is The Time For All Good People to Come to The Aid of Their Country

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

NOW Is The Time For All Good People to Come to The Aid of Their Country

And The Lilliputians Took Down The Man Who Thought Himself King

The crossroads have come and we now have a momentous decision.
No I am not talking about which side you are on, although the sides are clearly delineated.
On one side much as the Civil War we have the people who wish us to devolve thus erasing all the hard fought progress we have earned.
On the other side we have those that strive each day to be better, to go further and to reach grand new stages of humanity and compassion.
Our decision now is the decision to act.
And act we must, the little people.
This is it, this is the moment, to hesitate is to accept.
To accept concentration camps as okay.
To accept and allow the torture of innocents.
To each day take it further, yesterday imprison the immigrants, today imprison the homeless.
Tomorrow, the gays, the women?
America the beautiful, until it isn't.
What can the little people do?
Speak up.
Stand up.
Fill the streets.
What we should not do.
Be complacent someone else will fix it.
To allow ourselves to be lulled into endless waiting for a fix, that will likely never come if we wait any longer.

The ball is in our court lets play it.

Thank you to:

Jewish Activists arrested for blocking an ICE Facility in Elizabeth New Jersey, protesting the horrific conditions the immigrants were being kept in inside.
They said never again, on our watch.
They are heroes.

Alexandra Ocasio Cortez
As a member of Congress on official business in the camps, she states her own fear of physical harm by the brutal guards of defenseless innocent men, women and children.
Alexandra is a hero

Liz DeCou - Nurse and Grandmother arrested for appearing at concentration with toys for the children.
She asks "Why am I being arrested for trying to offer comfort to children?"
She is a hero