Saturday, May 11, 2019

New Item - Psychic Snapshot Paintings

I am offering a new item for a limited time.
I call it a psychic snapshot and it's name is exactly what it implies.
I will do an individual small painting 5 Inches By 7 Inches expressly for you or any individual of your choosing.
Kind of like a tarot card reading but with a twist :)
The message of the painting will be for you.
Since my painting are all positive and upbeat the message will ALWAYS be a positive one, it will give you guidance, or confirm a life path is the right one.
It is a healing painting with healing imbued within it.
You will read your own meaning into the painting as you and you alone know the answer.
Here is a link to help you in interpretation of your painting Interpreting a Psychic Painting 101 or How to Read Metaphysical Art for Dummies :)
The painting will also be titled, the title given to me with clairaudience.
Your life is complex, the painting will take time for you to understand.
It is a puzzle to be unraveled, not a gift of immediate gratification.
Some people unravel it after months, others are at a year and counting and still not clear.
It is supposed to be fun, and it is.

Here is my psychic snapshot, mine is a triptypch because why not :)
Titles - Ergot Finds His Spirit Animal
            The God of Dreams

The cost of each mini painting is $1000  each and you really only need one.
However you may request a Diptych - two paintings $2000
or a Triptych - three paintings $3000

Each painting will be signed on front and back.
Each painting will be titled and dated on back.