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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Interpreting a Psychic Painting 101 or How to Read Metaphysical Art for Dummies :)

There are two parts to reading a psychic painting.
One is color and one is form
Form is defined by lines.
Form takes two sides, one is negative form or space, the other is positive form.

Since color however is something that absolutely enthralls me, I will take on the color aspect first.
Here is a list of what color means to me.

Red = Power
White = Purity
Black = Chaos
Green = Growth
Yellow = Sunshine or Solar Plexus Opening
Brown = Earth, Earthiness, Fecundity 
Orange = Vitality
Gold = Money or Wealth
Gray = Serenity
Blue = Tranquility
Pink = Protection
Purple = Enlightenment

Now keep in mind these are what the colors mean in my paintings, other paintings may use color in a different way.

Certain tints of color can be read as offshoots, such as a tint of green can mean growing jealousy.

As to shapes any shape that is a definite animal, possesses the metaphysical properties of that animal, such as a rabbit-fecundity, fox-cunning, and an owl wise, and so on.

When you read the painting you couple the meaning of the color along with the metaphysical properties of the animal or physical object and you can determine what the painting is trying to tell you.

It is the same as interpreting a dream, when there is no verbal language to describe, everything is communicated through symbology.

Thus our purple cows or red owls which may not exist in the physical are very appropriate in a metaphorical world.

Also as in dreams another thing that must be taken into account is tone of the painting, is it happy, peaceful, vibrant, uplifting, spiritual?

Is the painting simple or complex?

What is the expression on the characters faces, are they perplexed, serene, happy, powerful?

Since these painting are filtered through the soul of the painter, all my painting have a very good meaning.
My soul is happy, kind and an eternal optimist.
My painting will always reflect this type of message,
always, and if you read them a different way you are interpreting them incorrectly

Now some examples:
Hugs Are The Most Precious Gift We Can Give
Dog - Unconditional Love
Gorilla - Gorillas are vastly sociable, and have intricate methods of communication with each other. Furthermore, there is a great deal of honor involved with their interactions with each other. LINK

Color Analysis
Blue Background indicates tranquility
Red (Gorilla) indicates power
Gray (Dog) indicates serenity
Dog symbolizes unconditional love. 
Orange above dogs head indicates vitality real feeling imparts to a gesture (in this case the hug)

The fact that the hand hugging the gorilla is the same color as the gorilla indicates self-hugs or self-love are the most important thing of all.
 If you cannot love and comfort yourself you are unable to love and comfort any others. 
Other things to ponder - 
The hand is in the shape of an m.
There is another animal on top of the painting that looks like a racoon to me. Since it is the same color as the head of the dog the two metaphysical aspects of both dog and other animal are taken to merge.

Always keep in mind any painting you are particularly drawn to has a special message that you soul is asking an answer to, your soul is confirming you have made a correct decision about or is telling a story that resonates deeply with your being.
The message is ALWAYS a positive one.
If the message you come up with does not resonate with you, it is not the right message
Also sometimes it can take months of studying these painting to find their meaning.
As I re-read this article to add to it today I read about the M in the gorilla hand painting above and I thought WOW I know what the M is.

Now it is your turn
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