Monday, February 20, 2017

The Secret Society of Hatred

As the entire world reels in upheaval over inhumane actions of an inhumane man, we have seen the emergence of something many of us have never had exposure to.
I call it the Secret Society of Hatred.
The underbelly of the beast.
Secret up until now for those of us who have never felt it's ugliness and cruelty.
It is a secret freed because of a man put into the most important job in the world, who endorses this type of cruel unreasoning hatred.
Brought to light it is something that makes one ponder what can one do with such unremitting hatred?
One can never fight hate with hate, but how can one love tolerate or ignore such cruelty.
Indeed silence of itself is complicity and helps only the oppressor never the oppressed.
Hatred is taught in childhood it does not spring un-watered in adulthood,
Should there be fines for hatred?
Should there be punishment for teaching your child to hate?
What a complex battle to take on.
In a free society one must be free to do whatever one chooses as long as it does not hurt another.
But perhaps I have answered myself here for indeed that is what hatred does, it hurts others.
Should the KKK and other hate groups be allowed to threaten, humiliate and terrorize.
Can we evolve as a society if we let them?
These are answers that must be pondered deeply and addressed along with the removal of oppressors in seats wielding much power
There is no place for cruelty in a ruler
When it is allowed we all lose and we lose everything