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Sunday, January 17, 2016

6 Echoes Of the Times, A Civilizations Culture is Told Through it's Art

A civilizations culture is told though it's art, with the art being an echo of what is running through the mind of the society.

Cave Art

Cave art. Needs and wants were very simple in the caveman culture and a full stomach was first on every mind.
Food and how to capture it was the main thought running through the caveman culture thus the main theme running through their art

David -  Michelangelo
The Cowper Madonna - Raphael

Renaissance Art reflected a culture that became transfixed by the beauty of God and the human form that God created in all it wonderous splendor.
It was a culture that revered physical beauty and the direct lineage attributed to God's perfection
Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo were three of the biggest artists of this time. 


van Gogh

Impressionism was revolution running through the mind of the culture, a revolt at government calling all the shots.
Analogized by the artists thumbing their noses at the establishment, and the establishments firm hold on the ability to decree with a unilateral power what was good art.
Impressionism was a kiss off  at this authority with the artists declaring they themselves would decide what constituted fine art and not leave others in charge of critique.


Man Ray and The Gift

Dadaism while not so much an art form was the reflection of the art world declaring war against the current art establishment.
It still thrives today with many asking how can this be art.
The art produced instead of having intrinsic beauty has deep meaning instead.
A type of protest movement that somehow ended up being very Freudian.

Marilyn Monroe - de Kooning

Woman 3 - de Kooning

Abstract Expressionism can almost be understood from it's title.
It reflects a growing culture of man turning inward spiritually with the artists raw emotions blazon or expressed on the canvas.
 It's chaotic look is a reflection of man's internal chaos and is a stronger statement showing a culture growing ever more spiritual

Cross -  Mitro Mitro
Thought - Mitro

 The current Soft Abstract Expressionism with it's joyful flowing peaceful shapes and beautiful colors, is a cultural reflection of a society growing more gentle and loving as it turns even deeper inward in all things spiritual, in defiance of all in today's world who would like our world to turn darker.