Embed KATHELEEN MITRO LUXURY ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM ART: The World Finally Turns More Gentle and 2 Major World Happenings That Prove It.

Monday, July 20, 2015

The World Finally Turns More Gentle and 2 Major World Happenings That Prove It.

For all you positive thinkers our there that have trained yourself to only look at good, two amazing things have happened in the world in the past month that show to me yes our world is slowly changing to the good side and turning to kindness just like all spiritual things have prophesied.

1. France has passed a law law making it illegal for it's stores to throw away edible food. The law states it must be donated to feed the hungry.

Kudos France you have done yourself proud and placed yourself at the top of the ladder of compassionate empathetic countries.

John Steinbeck John Steinbeck is looking down upon you from Heaven beaming at your beneficence.
And to have his energy beaming on you is genius.

I have myself been working to have this exact same law same law passed in the United States for the last 5 years now with no success.

2. New Zealand New Zealand bans cosmetic testing on animals just one of many countries banning this egregious assualt on the living breathing animal world  and a conclusion that cosmetic animal testing may finally be kaput in America

Kudos to New Zealand and every other country that primed the path for something that should have never ever, have happened in the first place

Now that we are on a roll we must prime the path for no animal testing of any kind.
And for no food to ever be thrown away when there is a hungry mouth crying for it.


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