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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Teach a Child To Bully a Seagull And Kiss World Peace Goodbye/There is No Darkness in My Art Only Joy

Bunny Rabbit On A Mission   By Kathy Mitro Mitro

Recently at the movies, I rarely go as the majority are filled with violence, inhumanity  and cruelty, even the so called children's films with their cartoon like imitation of kindness implied in their images, which is promised but never delivered.
I challenge anyone to list a children's movie shown in the theaters that has not one single scene of cruelty fear and terror in it.
 I walked out on Puss and Boots when they set him up for crime he did not commit then carted him away in a prison wagon cage while his Mother sobbed in horror.
Why is this?
We say, give lip service to, we want world peace, how can that ever come about when we fill our children and our own heads with cruelty and violence and call it entertainment.
If it entertains to see one heads blown off in a movie, how can we seek to bless that same head in the real world?
I did a blog awhile ago on Teach a Child to Bully a Seagull and You Can Kiss World Peace Goodbye Teach a Child To Bully a Seagull And We Can Kiss World Peace Goodbye , posted it everywhere and almost no one read it.
People are probably already bored with this post, screaming where is the blood and guts.
Real guts is willing to bore if it only reaches one person.
We cannot move on to a compassionate empathetic society until we change our inner being.
The inner being that clamors for violence and horror cannot, can never , advance beyond.
The good news is that we can change that inner being by cutting off all avenues of cruel images just as we cut off sugar in our diets for being unhealthy
But until each soul reaches that point, there can never be universal peace.
Until every human creature recognizes every animal, being deserving of the same compassion as we want, we can never evolve.
Focus, it is always on focus,What you focus on is what you get.
We want to believe that enjoying watching depraved cruelty (what an ugly sounding word) and violence through film is different that watching the same thing in real life.
But how could this be.
 It cannot.
Oh wait how does this pertain to my art?
My art is soft abstract expressionism. It is always playful and happy.
I am proud to deliver only lightness and happiness to the world.