Embed KATHELEEN MITRO LUXURY ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM ART: Sure We Can Say Anything We Want, Anyone Can, But is it Wise Or Kind? : Or Oh by The Way Your Baby is Ugly.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sure We Can Say Anything We Want, Anyone Can, But is it Wise Or Kind? : Or Oh by The Way Your Baby is Ugly.

Sure we can say anything we want, anyone can, but is it kind and better yet is it wise? I asked a colleague of mine at to take a look at my new art site, and my other baby, my hunger relief site. I asked him because I was very proud of them. Now this is just like showing a picture of your baby to someone, are you really wanting the person to be deadly honest and say wow that's an ugly baby you got there? This is just what this person said to me very loudly and very emphatically. Do I look upon this person as someone I want even the most casual relationship with? No, I don't want to have much to do with anyone capable of such brutal character assassination. I don't want someone to tell me my baby is ugly. What makes people feel other people are open targets to ridicule and derision for their beliefs just because speech is free.
Pope Francis makes perfect sense when he espouses about the Charlie Hebdo situation, when you smack someone and ridicule someone as Charlie Hebdo is doing, you will get smacked back. And you will get smacked in equal proportion to what you have meted out. Respect always respect peoples dignity,it is important. You might get away with small insults with only a tiny mirror back whapping, but the large ones, since we live in an attraction based world, are going to give us a wallop back. I agree with the Pope on this one. Looking at Charlie Hebdo, what makes them think that they are free to be so unkind to people. They are attacking the most important thing in a large group of peoples lives, and saying it's okay, that's free speech, but is it really free? What is the price of this latest paper they published, deaths, riots destruction. You disrespect something of utmost importance to someone, they tell you stop stop and you don't stop, you put yourself in a position for reprisal. Reprisal by killing, no absolutely not, too many wars are fought in this very same name, If you don't believe as I do I must kill you. But in Charlie Hebdo case, why keep pushing someones buttons when they are screaming for you to stop,please stop it is too hurtful. Why be cruel, what do you gain from it? What does this magazine gain from making fun of another's god? Oh yes they say free speech, and yes we are all free to tell someone their baby is ugly, but should we? Do any of us want someone to tell us our baby is ugly? I am not saying Charlie Hebdo or Paris deserved the attack and I bless and grieve for all the lost lives, but it is much like poking a hungry alligator with a stick, why is there surprise when the alligator lunges back, there should there be no surprise at the outcome and anyone involved in such character assignation is not being honest when they say they are surprised they got a reaction.
Lastly I am a complete pacifist I value all life,not just some life and not just the lives whose values are my own. We are all entitled to our freedom to live and not be treated unkindly in the name of free speech. We are all entitled to respect and kindness. Kindness comes when we are kind to others. Charlie Hebdo wants their right to free speech respected and others want their God respected, kind of a catch 22 until you stop and think which is more important ridicule or respect.