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Friday, January 23, 2015

Soft Abstract Expressionism Art The Wave of The Future

Circus - Mitro
Cross - Mitro
Soft Abstract Expressionism Art is a story told abstractly in a futuristic way. Soft abstract art is a shoot off from abstract expressionism art which almost always told a story boldly. Soft is beautiful colors which seem to blend into the canvas flowing into forms that tell a story. Nothing easy about seeing it at first glance, it takes a lot of  studying  to even see the forms at first, but when you see them they never go away, almost like those old pictures that if you looked one way you would see a beautiful woman but when you studied it, it became a ugly old woman. It was a study in contrasts or an optical illusion. Nothing is given away  in soft abstract expressionism without contemplation.  If you look at this painting circus above (this is not a finished painting just a work in progress) you will see a clown up at the top of the canvas (or at least most people will), look closer and you will see the jack in the box staring up adoringly  at the clown and look even closer and you will see a lovely little girl in pink and pigtails dreaming of the circus with a circus tent above her head. In the picture Cross  
you at first glance see a golden cross, now look closer and you will see that cross morphing into an angelfish as two observers watch it morph.Now the feel of this is all softly dreamy, that is what soft abstract expressionism is. Is is a soft story, soft lines blending into each other. The abstract comes in as the figures are well figurative, they represent rather than photograph the story to you. Blended muted lines that melt into the canvas, a suggestion of background by blots of beautiful color, which lets the viewer fill in the background with their own eye in  their  own way, and see the picture differently from everyone else viewing it. This is soft abstract expressionism art.