Embed KATHELEEN MITRO LUXURY ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM ART: Invisible spirits and energy paint the picture, I am just a tool.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Invisible spirits and energy paint the picture, I am just a tool.

Sea Horse and Lion - Mitro

 As an avid student of the metaphysical and all things we cannot touch with our senses, but only feel with our souls, I love that my painting are created not by myself alone but seem to spring from universal energy.
Almost as if spirit or magical energy is in control of the canvas instead of myself, I see as I swipe paint onto the canvas, images appear.
It is almost as if the canvas is magnetized with a scene and when paint is swiped across it it sticks only to the pixels that create the scene.
 I choose Sea Horse and Lion to demonstrate this, as it is very apparent to see, but all my paintings emerge in this same way.
 I have no drawing skill of any kind, but you can clearly see in this picture a skillfully drawn lion complete with mouth, nose, eyes and mane.
You can also see the sea horse very clearly, and a man in the lower right hand corner of the painting The fascinating part of this is, I start painting with no intention of what I wish to paint.
I merely swipe on paint, scribble with oil crayons and voila a painting emerges.
 I rotate the canvas all 4 ways and there is always one right way but I do not know which way it is until I look at the painting in all four ways.
Boats emerge on water that I have no painted, as in Independence.
3D faces emerge looking at the cross in Cross, that I have no drawn.
The twin towers emerged in one of my first paintings one whole year before the actual 911 in a complete scene, probably because the energy of that scene was so intense.
As I view eternal energy as only good, these paintings are a beneficent gift to me from the non physical plane.
I know that the only real truth is love and that everything else exists only to compare itself to love, and to feel by this comparison the beauty of the true nature of reality.
Everyone who has ever known in their heart that good always trumps bad, has discovered the secret of the Universe and that is only Love and it's sister companions, kindness, empathy, goodness and compassion are real, bad fades away into nothingness as if it never existed, as indeed it is not real, when confronted with the light of good.