Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Time for a Higher Consciousness

It is time for some serious soul searching.
America is gone, we have passed the tipping point.
Politicians cannot help us.
Judges and the Law cannot help us.
We have passed all conventional methods of self correction.
Just as in so many prescient books 1984 is here.
It Can't Happen here, is here.
Now the time of the Anti-Christ is upon us.
So many have fallen in worship at his altar taking the mark of the beast upon their forehead.
But there is one hope and it is a fabulous one.
A chance to not only let Earth survive, but to let all it's inhabitants prosper and live in joy, health and love.
That hope is rising to a higher consciousness.
The Earth is set to undergo a massive rise in consciousness.
Those with good hearts need not fear, in fact their hearts will become as they say in the commercial "gooder".
Those that have taken the mark, and those that wish to imprison and enslave others will....
well we are talking an enlightened society here so no violence,  just a pushing away of those.

Physicality differs from Heaven.
We are here to be different, we are here to create feelings, we are here to create.. well the world, and to add to the creation of all that is.
We are at critical mass right now, we have those few, those handful of persons out of billions of people who wish to enslave and deny freedom to all outside of their own tiny circle.
Everything for a few, nothing for the remaining billions.
Their greed is insatiable and can never be satisfied, they want it all, and they want all to  have none.
This cannot stand, the whole purpose of being is then denied and the planet has no useful purpose.
It may seem like the few are winning now but they have aligned themselves against the Divine and that is not a equal match.
There is help from spiritual if we are willing to change our beliefs.
If we are willing to connect with those in higher realms of understanding.
If we are willing to cast off our limits to what exactly we think is possible in our physical bodies.
I am talking of expanded senses, clairvoyance, prescience, telekinesis and on and on.
We are not slaves sent here to live a life of slavery and then be rewarded with eternal Heaven afterwards.
We are sent here to experience the beautiful rapture of creating with our minds and expanding the Universe with our feelings.
We send ourselves here for joy, not suffering.
Now how can we raise our consciousness.
There are many methods but they, how should I put this nicely, are slow.
I am talking yoga, meditation.
A fast track method would be crystals.
Crystals are embedded with instructions from the Divine.
Now don't blow me off here.
How many of you have sat and watched with rapture "Lord of The Rings"?
"The Search for The Holy Grail"?
Truly believing in the power of the ring and the stone.
Then after all the belief, leave the movie or novel and say "Oh if only it were real."
If the books listed above are prescient why would it not follow that these books could also be prescient?
All of our arts are a truly a connection to the Divine.
The stone that started me on my own rise to higher consciousness was Moldavite.
As someone who has studied spirituality for at least 35 years this stone in 3 and a half months has so super accelerated my evolution that is nothing short of miraculous.
My hint here if any of this article resonates with you, Buy This Stone, and it will take you on your journey quickly.
Another hint is a fabulous new book I am reading titled "Stones of the New Consciousness"
by Robert Simmons.
Now I will leave you with some of my art.
Titled "The Trilogy of Creation - Truth, Heart, Thought"

PS. Woke up one morning and thought it important for myself to collect all 62 stones in Robert Simmon's book "Stones Of  The New Consciousness".
Here is a picture of some of them, and by the way I feel absolutely fabulous :)
I have 60 of them in my hand, and the last two arriving by mail.

Very cool for discerning eyes, there is a piece of Aegirine in the photo that has the image of Robert Simmon's face in it.
See if you can find it.