Embed KATHELEEN MITRO LUXURY ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM ART: New Painting "Solve the Equation of Life and You're All Set"

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New Painting "Solve the Equation of Life and You're All Set"

Solve the Equation of Life and You're All Set    3 Feet by 4 Feet
This painting was done with color changing paint.
When viewed from a distance as in this photo, you see a smooth sheen.
When viewed up close as the photo below you see the stickiness of life most of us mire ourselves in.
A comfortable glue that keeps us in the same spot repeating the same thing over and over again.
I will give you only one tip to deciphering the code.
If you provide no outline of the life you wish to live, you will not choose your life, it will be chosen for you.
A rhinoceros spiritual totem comes stomping across your path with a loud and bold wake up call.
Rhino people are for the most part solitary and spend a great deal of time alone. However, they are also known to be wise and need to exercise this wisdom with others. 

Spiderman -You do realize he wouldn’t get ‘scared’ he can actually know what happens about 1.20 seconds before something happens lol that’s why Spider-Man is top 3

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