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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Take Back America March Feb 4th Courthouses Across America

Feb 4th -Calling for the imediate impeachment of Trump gatherings at Courthouse Across America
We are going to gather in large cities and small communities, so there will be no long travel time
You can choose which is easier for you
Our plan is to fill the streets peacefully demanding that Trump be removed from office as he has proved he is mentally unfit and not of sound mind so unable to govern our Country
Although it is called a march it is going to be more of a gathering in one place thus it will enable our elderly and the infirm to attend with walkers and lawn chairs
The town court house is probably the best first choice to gather at and it is public property also.
But each community knows what is best for it and may choose another location   
This is a to be a day of love and peace but a day filled with quiet determination that the ruling of our country be given to someone more demonstrative of our values and honoring of the fact that we are a democracy and also be of sound mind
We are here to demand this because the government has failed to protect us from this man who has placed us in  danger from within,danger from without, danger to our citizens and danger to the world.
We will not allow a President of our democracy to ban citizens based on religion, to silence our media and news, to provoke unnecessary fights with foreign powers, to use an unprotected cell phone and twitter account, to ridicule and mock the vulnerable of our society, to permit torture and to close off sections of our free internet.
We will not let this man take us into a fascist dictatorship
One man does not get to destroy a nation of millions
Guidelines for the march
1. Gatherings will begin at 11:00 A.M.
2. At 12 noon Eastern Standard Time we will have a 30 minute silent standing or sitting as a group.
This focusing of energy will unite us all in our common goal of freeing our country from this man 
A little bit of white magic if you may, the power of a millions focused on a solution to our current situation
We ask all countries around the world who love Freedom and share our pain to join us in this silence  
2. Signs should all have the words "Remove Trump" on one side.
In this way we may all flip to this same side for a photo opportunity, a sea of removal
The other side may say whatever is in your heart.
3.Use the hashtag #TakeBackAmericaMarch to post locations where people will be gathering in your community or city
4. Otherwise have fun this is a day of peace and love and celebration that we as the majority love not hate,
That we as the majority respect and honor all races religions and nationalities
So sing dance have fun 

Sign Ideas

We are Humanity        We Honor All
Not Nationality              People

We Do Not
Respect Our
Presidents Edicts

We Stand Behind
Muslims, Immigrants,Gays, Mexicans, Canadians,Handicapped, Women,
Blacks, Hispanics, Jews
You Get The Idea