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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Heartfelt Plea to all Remaining Trump Supporters - Please Don't Drink the Kool Aid

USA And The Final Curtain For The Orange Man The World is Woke
On the eve of one of the most crucial elections facing our country since it's founding, we must reach out to those unaware of the cataclysmic results of handing over our magnificent country to a man too self absorbed and self interested to take proper care of our democracy.
America which even now, no matter how many times he wishes to chant, make America great again, is already number one on the world stage
America is already great. 
The greatest free nation in the world 
Are we perfect, no, a resounding no.
And this is the no that has captured the hearts of Trump supporters.
A charismatic confident man that has lured them in and keeps them in with promises he never intends to keep.
Much like the infamous Jim Jones in Ghana no matter how much Kool Aid he urges upon them, they believe in him much as Jones followers believed in him.
Was Jim Jones the Messiah his followers thought he was, the man with all the answers?
Is Donald Trump the Messiah, the man with all the answers? No.
Not when he chooses a  white supremacist “senior counselor” and “chief strategist" for his White House, a homophobe for a Vice President, a racist for Attorney General,and a climate change denier for environmental protection
This is a mockery. 
Donald Trump isn’t making weak cabinet picks out of necessity, or even due of a lack of scrutiny. Because these aren’t bad picks. They’re intentionally bad picks. Every one of them appears to be a carefully crafted middle finger to mainstream America, just to mess with everyone. And he may only be making these nightmare picks to distract from his own corruption, so he can scapegoat them down the road  - Bill Palmer
He is thumbing his nose at America and the golden beautiful ideals we stand for.
It seems like Trump was right, alas only among his die hard supporters, that he could shoot a man in broad daylight and still not lose any supporters
I have been pondering why?
Why does this man continue to do the worst things imaginable and still not lose support
He mocks the disabled, he makes sexual denigrating comments about woman and still woman support him.
I think the answer lies in his ability to spin the truth.
Also he resonates with men and women who would like to have more, more money, better homes and more success and  who look up to a billionaire seeing him as having it all.
With all the resultant  glow and patina that comes with so much money. 
And think surely a man like that.
Surely a man with so much money for himself will know how to get more money for me. 
Does Donald want the common man to have more?
No he even wants to reduce the social security paid out to our seniors by a fixed percentage, some barely scrapping by now before a cut.
Do the people believe this when you tell them?
No Donald has already figured out an answer to any doubts his followers might have when being persuaded by reason to question his ethics.
Every entry put to a supporter is met with "Oh he's not going to do that, it's fake media"
Where did the term fake media come from?
Well wonder of wonders it came from Donald himself.
Imagine that Jim oh sorry Donald I get the two confused
So please Trump supporters we love you, we just don't like what you are doing, avidly and loudly supporting someone who intends and has always intended to destroy us from within.
Please see the light and see this man for what he truly is, not your savior but your destroyer
If you have a Trump supporter in your family have the hard talk with them.
I know it's easy not to, just to keep the peace.
But we have only 5 days left until we make the final decision and if we make the wrong choice we say goodbye to peace for all, forever and forever.
It is the duty of every lover of freedom and democracy to ensure a man who is loyal to neither does not assume the office of the greatest most powerful man in the free world
Please try to rally  in support of Hillary.
If you think, oh no, not four more years of what has been.
Think that if you don't, the alternative is life as we once knew it , gone irretrievably gone. 
By Katheleen Mitro

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