Monday, May 16, 2016

Automatism Art With an Interesting Twist

My art is automatism with a twist.
Like automatism it is indeed without intent and also like automatism it does need to be studied after completion to interpret it, but unlike most automatism you will find a very complex realistic shape instead of simple abstract form that you weave into a story.
 In Ghost Ship you can clearly see the hull of the ship.
You can actually see the pier and it's pilings through the transparency of the ghostly ship.
You can see the fathomless ocean and it is the right shade of green.
This only becomes very interesting when you realize it was painted by just pouring paint onto the canvas and then making random swipes of paint with a cloth.

 In Old Yeller 2015  you can see the dogs face very clearly and distinctly in profile, you can see his head stuck through the hedge and you can clearly see his nose and eye along with the green butterfly hovering over his head.
Now none of  this seems miraculous if you had painted those things in. 
But the fact is I did not paint any of them in makes it very interesting indeed. 
My method of painting is just rubbing paint onto the canvas and letting an image come up all by itself
And in this painting a very real image came up.

In The Marriage of The Old Masters With Futuristic Art you can clearly see the bridal couple.
The groom a old knight with a very distinct page boy haircut, and the bride a pious alien with her hands clasped in prayer.
Again what is riveting is I did not paint any of this in, it came up with swipes of paint and random slashes of an oil stick crayon

And finally Sea Horse and Lion which I think is one  of the most incredible of all as you can see a very skillfully drawn lion in profile.
You can see his beautiful mane his nose and the expression in his eyes as he stares down his adversary the sea horse.
Again I did not know what was coming up in this painting until I completed it and stood back and studied it.
And each and every painting I complete and each and every time I see it it never fails to amaze me