Monday, September 15, 2014

Primitive Art or Undefined Form in Mitro Art

My work is very primitive which leaves it very open.
By open I  mean the viewer is in charge of determining the story told by the painting.
Much as I love this painting by Jackson Pollock, and I do love it very much, it is what I call a closed painting.
Moon Woman - Pollock
It is everything the artist determined a Moon Woman would be. 
The colors are exquisite in it , the form perfection and the details superb.
But what can I as a viewer add to the painting. 
Nothing, it is done.
Now my painting which hold some similarity to Pollock's, at least in my mind, hence the Moon Woman in the title.
In Search of Humanoids and The Moon Woman  - Mitro
is what I am speaking of as primitive art.
Such simplistic form and detail lets the viewer supply their own interpretation of the painting. 
Is the green man an astronaut or  a humanoid with green hair. 
Doe the incomplete  form of the duck mean the form is emerging or dissolving. 
Is the duck the earth creature or the humanoid. 
Has the Moon Woman begot the duck or has she just begun morphing from the duck. 
Are they in space or in water?
All the open space of canvas lets one insert instead of be told
An openness in art leads it to be fine art. 
A closure in art determines it to be design.
When all guess work is taken out of the painting we are spoon fed (much as in advertising) what the artist wants us see.
A bit of fun. Can I see myself as Pollock's Moon Woman?
No not really but I sure can see myself as the astronaut in my own painting. 
I can even see my face framed in the visor :)