Sunday, February 28, 2016

Kindness Over Empathy and Compassion

Truth - Mitro
Learning more about how we create our world around us and it comes to me that qualities that I thought were so great, compassion and empathy, might not be so great in creating our world around us.
Don't get me wrong I am not saying that the intrinsic quality of the emotion is wrong but what it creates in one's own life is not ideal.
A quote came to the me the other day and it was

                                What we think we project
                                 What we feel we are - Mitro

 Now keeping that quote in mind by empathizing and feeling one's pain and suffering are we not creating pain and suffering in our own life if what we feel is what we are.
Would it not be better as all the masters have done to just be kind and to keep ourselves separate from all negative emotions so we might be able to retain our positive self and continue helping those in need.
Thinking on it, how can it be helpful when one is dealing with such a negative emotion as lack to feel deeply the lack itself as one does in compassion and empathy.
Would that not just be saying the lack is justified to empathize and feel it with the sufferer.
That only would serve to strengthen it and to make it legitimate with the power of now two believing it.
Lack is not a true quality only abundance is truth.
Lack is pushing away what is there.
Abundance is letting all that is there flow to you.
So yes I am going to change my stance on compassion and empathy and say while the words may seem good in theory, in reality they are only serving to give vitality and worth to the unreal.
To be kind that is truth.