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Monday, January 4, 2016

Time for Beautiful Imagery in the Creative World, 5 Reasons We Need Lightness and Happy in Our Arts

Who ever looked around and said I want to look at only black dark things in my life?
I am writing this after I looked at a poem someone asked others to critique on Quora.
I should know better by now, but I always assume the best until the worst is confirmed.
Why do most poets write in such angst and misery.
Why is most poetry about betrayal, death, misery and other assorted blackness.
The world is counting on our culture through the creative arts to  provide a blueprint of where we would like to go and what we would like to see reflected in our world. 
For this reason I am going to list 5 reasons why we need lightness and beauty in the creative world.
1, When we read and view happy subject matter it makes us what? It makes us happy and I think everyone will agree to be happy is a very desirable goal. Happy uplifting poetry
2. When we produce pretty instead of ugly we make a beautiful image template for the mind. We smile when we bring the image up in our mind. And once again to smile is also a very good thing. Painting to make you smile 
Bunny Rabbit on a Mission - Mitro

3. When we work in brilliant happy colors we thrown beautiful color into our lives. We can change a gray world into a sunny happy world. Sunny beautiful colors
Africa and The Dance Within - Mitro

4 The energy that surrounds us is the energy we put into our life by what we give our attention to.
When we give attention to beauty we draw beauty into our lives and surround ourselves with the energy of beauty.
Truth - Mitro

5. Because we can.
 All creativity starts with the individual creating it, and they have a choice dark or light.
They can choose to create happy, create beauty and help us  make our lives a reflection of it. 
 The world is reeling at the moment from so many terrorist attacks, with many wondering if this not the path of the world forever, forward.
Art inspires, art makes one feel. 
The question is do we want more people inspired darkly through darkness in our arts, or do we want to throw some sunshine and joy in the world for people to feel and emulate.
 And I say why not. 
What a cheap fix.
 To choose to pen a happy poem instead of a depressing poem. To choose to paint a  happy picture instead of a dark violent picture.
Just sayin.
For me I always choose to create happy, and blissfully my own life is a very happy one indeed.