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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Steven Hawkins 2015 The Theory of Everything

 My painting are akin to the clouds, you merely study them for awhile and  an image will appear to you,
 As I paint or actually as I swipe paint onto a canvas I look for what image is coming up.
In this image as I kept adding more paint I saw the image of Steven Hawkins in a wheelchair seated before a microscope come up.
Often if the image is an odd one as in this case after the painting is completely done I will go into google images and see if I can find any matches to it to give me a clue as to why this particular subject came to me.
I can usually come up with a very good match and that was certainly the case in this case
Stephen Hawkins
Steven Hawkins 2015 The Theory of Everything - Mitro

   Steve Hawkins is about the body taking secondary position behind mind.
In my painting you see the same blue earth over Hawkins head.
You see him in purple wheelchair, for myself the color purple indicated enlightenment.
In front of him you see a big blue microscope with a bright blot of yellow coming from the eyepiece.
The yellow indicates the opening of the solar plexus chakra which is the font of all  wisdom as it is the point in the body where the conscious mind connects with the subconscious mind
Now the interesting part of the painting is there are two heads for Stephen one very large bright eyed and upright and the other very small shriveled in the chair with a blue mask over his eyes.
The two heads seem to be working as a team and I have no idea what it means.
My painting subjects come up for different reasons.
I believe this subject of the theory of everything came to me at this moment as I am in period of spiritual awakening and am totally confident in my own theory of exactly what unifies everything in the world.

Title : Steven Hawkins The Theory of Everything
Size : 16" by 20"
Materials : Acrylic and Oil Stick on Canvas
Price : $125,000
Artist : Katheleen Mitro
Signed bottom right :  Mitro

  16 in.High x 20 in.Wide
Gallery Location
Daytona Beach, Florida 

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