Monday, September 7, 2015


Rage 16" by 20"  $125,000
This is a perfect example of a spirit painting spirit painting.
This painting was painted as a total black and white abstract.
It was not until the painting was completely done and I rotated it that I was able to see the scene it depicted.
If you look in the center of the painting you will see a heavy set bald woman (woman because she has a bust) wide mouthed screaming in rage.
To her right side is a lit fire cracker just ready to explode.
Above her head to the far right is a head with an expression of oh no.
Beside him is another head with an expression of complete alarm.
Now the most interesting part of the whole painting is something I did not pick up until years after I had painted it.
It is a ghost smirking in satisfaction looking down at the raging woman.
To see things in my painting always look for the eyes.
The ghost has two eyes a button nose and a wide smirk .