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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Finding the Hidden Treasures in the Art World

Sisters - Mitro  3 Feet by 4 Feet
Finding the hidden treasure is just that, the treasure of finding a new artist poised on the brink of international super stardom before all the great pieces of their art are sold.
Kind of like a treasure hunt.
No exactly like a treasure hunt.
The thrill of the chase.
The euphoria of the find.
First it's value doubles, then triples, increasing exponentially all along it's blessed way.
One used to have to rely on art dealers and galleries to tip you off to a new artist.
The internet has changed all that and opened up a golden door to the world of art investment.
Now all one needs to start the hunt is a computer, internet access and fine eye for powerful art.
Schools should teach it as an investment and bankers should recommend it as an investment.
And you should have it in your portfolio as an investment.
Anyone with enough money can buy the old masters but their price is so high.
Key is to buy low sell high.
And the only way one gets in low is to buy new art before everyone else discovers it.
As in all things timing is key.

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