Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship - Mitro  18" by 24"   $1,000,000
Ghost Ship is a painting representing the legend of pirate ghost ships forever cruising eternal oceans in search of lost treasure.
The ghostliness of the ship can be seen as the pilings from a pier are clearly visible through the ship, and you can see the searching eye very clearly, as it casts itself forever looking at bottomless ocean.
This painting like all my paintings was painted with no intent, meaning I merely swipe and smear paint on the canvas and an image appears.
I never know what the painting will be of until it is completed and only then after I rotate it all 4 directions and really study it will the image appear to me. 
Spirit painting Spirit


Melding with the ocean
buoyancy carrying
silky embrace of sea

Title : Ghost Ship
Size : 24" by 36"
Materials : Acrylic and Oil Stick on Canvas
Price : $1,000,000
Artist : Katheleen Mitro
Signed bottom right : K Mitro

  7 in.High x 5 in.Wide
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Daytona Beach, Florida 

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