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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Smart Men Like HamadbinJassimbinJaberbinMuhammadAlhani Know Art Is The Best Investment

Reading an article yesterday on and his purchase of a Picasso, and  it is revealed that he is the mystery purchaser of the world's most expensive painting but will not display it because of it's nudity.
I then understand that this is a man who see's beyond the beauty of the art to it's actual intrinsic worth.
It's worth, like any fine art painting lies in the ability of it being one of a singular ability investment to pay back value with no ceiling.
I cannot think of another item other than art and collectibles that pay back such enormous dividends.
A smart man knows that the only real valuable is the one with a rarity quotient of one.
There may be other Picasso's but no one else can ever possess that particular Picasso until he buys it from the current owner.
For this reason art is for the smart investor.
Like any collectible it only appreciates with time.
The stock market, bonds and real estate all might lose their value and even if they do not, can only rise within certain parameters
But with art there is no ceiling .
That there is no limit to the price it can rise to is attested by the fact that this painting "Les Femmes d'Alger" sold initially for $31.9 million in Nov 1997 and a mere 18 years later sold at Christie's in New York on May 11, 2015   for $179,365,000 .
That is an appreciation of over $179 million dollars in only 18 years or almost $10 million dollars a year
There is no other investment in the world capable of that kind of appreciation other than fine art or fine collectibles. 
The appreciation of art makes it a winner for one of the biggest returns possible on investment capital.
Where stocks and bonds have a average top return of about 5%,
art can be bought for hundreds and  resold for  potential millions with capital gains in the  stratosphere, instead of single digits.
 No other investment has this capacity to return so much money for getting in with so little money.
A money investment that actually brings you joy every day of your life while the monetary value of your artwork goes up, up and up.

Expensive art the best investment of your life.