Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Stunning Controversy or Is This Plagiarism

 Looking at these two painting side by side one has to wonder is this the classic case of plagiarism that has plagued artists since the beginning of time.
On the left you will see a beautiful painting "The Goldfish "done by Henry Matisse in the year 1912
below it the painting "Bunny Rabbit on a Mission" done by Katheleen Mitro in 2015

Comparing these paintings side by side we can clearly see  goldfish in the Matisse painting in a cylindrical crystal vase.
Now incredibly we look at Mitro's painting and see the same cylindrical crystal vase which she cleverly tries to disguise by giving the vase two  eyes.
 She did not fool this author for one moment.
 Looking closer at her painting, she takes the same goldfish and again tries to disguise the similarities  with Matisse  by painting only 2 goldfish instead of 4.
 Once again her intent to fool falls flat.
Stop the madness.
She goes on to eliminate the Matisse table.
She uses a totally different color scheme.
Will her tomfoolery never end?
 As Matisse painted his  painting in 1912 and Mitro in 2015 we know without a doubt  who the plagiarist  is here
Post script;
 In  a very devious ploy to draw attention away from the plot to copy a masterpiece, the clever use of inserting a sweet innocent bunny rabbit  by Mitro must be applauded as a stroke of genius

This is an attempt at humor and all allegations of plagiarism
are totally fabricated. :) - Mitro