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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Is Artistic Talent in The Genes? Or Brothers and Sisters From Another Mother

Andy Warhol
Reading an article in the Pittsburgh City Paper by about a young woman Betty RockwellRockwell who founded  Pittsburgh's first gallery of modern art  called Outlines in 1941,
some things jumped out at me as very cool indeed
The article stated over a six year period , Rockwell showed work in Outlines of an avant-garde who's-who of artists , ranging from the famous (Picasso)Picasso to such then-obscure future icons as Jackson PollockPollock, Alexander CalderCalder, Joseph CornellCornell and Georgia O'KeefeO'Keeffe. Others on the list: Francis BaconBacon, Henry MooreMoore, Ashile GorkyGorky, DaliDali, MagritteMagritte, MondrianMondrian Mondriaan 2, Klee.Klee.
Then for me like a cyclic unfolding, it stated Andy Warhol was an Outlines devotee, an art student himself at that time, and speculation is that Rockwell's venue was where Warhol got the idea to do silkscreen as painting.
I am then  reminded of my father telling me  that Andy Warhol  Warhol was a distant cousin of mine.
This make sense as his parents and my father's parents both emigrated from Czechoslovakia around the same time.
Both  families settled in Pittsburgh Pa., and Warhol is around the same age as my father who was born in 1918.
Now this is where it gets cool.
Upon closing Outlines in Pittsburgh Betty founded the Society for Contemporary Craft ,which to this day still lives on in the Strip District in Pittsburgh
Opening my own retail store and art gallery in this very same Strip District in Pittsburgh, within my store that was literally within shouting distance of this same Society.
 I painted my very first painting.
I also sold my first painting in that same store.
I do feel Warhol's presence in my room and after all, why not?
We're cousins aren't we.
And yes, I do believe it's in the genes.
 - Mitro

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