Thursday, May 7, 2015

Interview With an Artist #1

Fan - Mitro  11" by 14"

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Interview With an Fine Art Artist #1

Artist Kathy Mitro Kathy Mitro

Genre- Soft Abstract Expressionism Art Purely From the Soul With No Filter

Kathy was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and moved to Daytona Beach Florida in 2009. 
She has one son Alexander W. Mitro.

When asked if she was always an artist she replied "Although I first started painting on canvas in the year 2000, I have been creative since childhood with various mediums such as free hand embroidery, free design rug making and jewelry making. Just anything  that was of my own design".

My art Soft Abstract Expressionism is an gentle offshoot of original Abstract Expressionism Abstract Expressionism
It is a softer gentler form characterized by beautiful colors, and soft rounded almost cartoon like characters.
It is painted by a swiping of the canvas with no intent for content just letting the canvas bring up what it will.
It is not abstract though, a painting is never complete until it brings up a concrete image that tells a story.

The thing that I am most proud of in my life is my work in hunger relief. I have started an initiative to pass into law mandatory food rescue and subsequent donation for all large food establishments called the Mitro Mandatory Food Rescue Donation Act Mitro Mandatory Food Rescue Donation Act.

I have to say the artists I admire most are Willem De Kooning Willem de Kooning and literary artist Jack Kerouac Jack Keourac

Although I have a typical artists bias and love all my paintings my favorite three are:

Thought 36" by 48" which tells the story of the creation of all that is material, through the electricity of mind focus.

Desert Sunset Vanquished Sun  16" by 20" which tells a beautiful fairy tale of what happens each night when the sun goes down  

 Kitten With a Blue Scarf on the Road to Nirvana  11" by 14" which tells the story of a kitten on the road to enlightenment.

All of her art is for sale and available on her website at Mitro Art Gallery Mitro Art Gallery 

website-            www.mitrofineart.com

information-     information@mitrofineart.com