Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What Makes an Artists Work Valuable

In order for any artist to succeed in the art world they must have a unique artistic style that is recognizable as theirs and theirs alone.
Just as what value in a van Gogh work, if all  of his pictures were a different style, and one could not look at one and say, oh that's a van Gogh!
An artist that paints realistically for that reason has much less chance of making his work extremely valuable.
If the painting looks exactly like the subject, where is the artists stamp on it? 
I am not saying impossible for such a realist painter to make a big name, but much harder for them.
Even the quirky artists Jeff Koons have a certain style. 
If you and your art lack such a style it will be hard for you to make it big. 
If you copy others styles instead of forging a brand new path, it will also be virtually impossible to make a name for yourself, that name is already made by the person you have copied.
You must have something in your art that makes you stand out in a crowd, even if it is something the majority of the population hates. Just having people talk about your work with passion whether it is geeze I  really hate that, or wow I absolutely love that,it is giving you your 15 minutes of fame that can be parlayed into long term fame in something as completely  random as the art world.
Art and artists can achieve great fame just by thought provoking titles on their work as attested by Hirst.
But you gotta have something,
Heart - Mitro
some unique quirk that sets you apart from the crowd.