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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Old Paintings Like Old Books May Be Classics but We Need New Blood

There is  a recent group of people called themselves "The Hating Renoir Group" Hating Renoir.  While I eschew hating anyone I can understand the point they are making.
What was once the darling art of the moment or the century becomes well, old.
I picked up an old Arthur Hailey book from the library yesterday, one that I loved years ago and tried to reread it, it's copyright date was 1959.
 I could not read it.
 Things have changed too much, the world has evolved too much from that time and place, and it started me thinking about art.
It is for all intents and purposes 2015 now, a mind-boggling number and one as a child that I had not the slightest idea I would ever see.
 Isn't it time for art to match the year, isn't it time to live in the present not the past?
My own art is soft abstract expressionism and it is the art of now.
 It is the art of quantum physics and three D printers.
It is the art of psychically psychically magnetized canvas's.
 Are you content with holding onto the past in the world of art and ignoring this big quantum leap of the future that 2015 signifies?

Marriage Painting This particular picture I titled Marriage is a marriage of the old and the new. The old a knight, the new an alien. As it is set in a futuristic setting the future is absorbing the old and by the fusion of marriage, evolving into the now.