Embed KATHELEEN MITRO LUXURY ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM ART: Unexpected Acts of Kindness are the Light to Turn Off the Evil of Isis

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Unexpected Acts of Kindness are the Light to Turn Off the Evil of Isis

I saw one the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen last night coming from Ferguson Missouri and one that was totally unexpected. Night after night I watch only the violence unfolding, and how can peace be won , with violence used as the means. Violence is dark,and cannot be overcome with more dark, violence only enlarges the darkness. But I digress, the picture was of a young black boy hugging a white police officer in full uniform. This child, or should I say man, because he showed and exemplified true light with his absolute beauty and understanding of good, is the poster child of Truth. Absolute Truth, love at all times, especially in our moments of greatest fear. This young boy did more in that single act of unexpected kindness,that beautiful hug given to someone else, to show we are all one, we all fear and need comfort no matter what our size or strength, threw our more good to the cause of racial equality than the months of violence which has taken such a toll on the cause they hope to better . Violence destroys the soul, loves heals it. All great men knew this, Martin Luther King and Jesus knew this. To throw back love even in the darkest moment of oppression is to win. Ghandi knew this,peaceful always peaceful protest, is the water chipping away at the stone. There is only one true real way to combat evil and come out victorious and that is with good. Every single act of kindness blots out darkness and allows light to shine. Each act of evil must be met with 10 acts of kindness and only then will we change our planet to one of peace. Isis is stone,it is damaged souls, it is souls that have not been exposed to kindness, it is cold and brutal and unyielding,and to match it, is to become it. To overcome it is to chip at the stone heart of it and allow kindness,and brilliant rays of beautiful compassion and love to exist where ever they can, and when ever they can. Tiny splashes of good and love that will overcome dark. We can all have a part in the banishing of terror. We can all do small unexpected acts of kindness throwing out golden rays of sun and good. Life in this physical body is fleeting but the soul is eternal. What we do in this world remains a permanent legacy to be carried with each individual's soul throughout eternity. I know that I want to carry the joy of the unexpected acts of kindness that I do, to see the light shine in another eye when out of the blue someone truly sees someone as another soul. To put a blanket over cold shoulders, to put food in a hungry mouth and to hug a person no matter what their size, when they are just as frightened as you. This young man and police officer in Ferguson are brilliant lights in our world, and we will all do well to emulate them. By Kathy Mitro http://artbykathymitro.blogspot.com/