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Monday, March 17, 2014

Stress is Resistance - Resistance is Stress

Sip of Life's Eternal Joys a Tribute to Jack Kerouac 2015

  Sip of life - to those - who know

There is only one reason why we feel stress and that is because we are fighting or resisting that which is happening to us.
When we find a way to allow what is happening to us we eliminate all stress.
This does no mean letting others do what they will with us.
This is letting our own self allow and trust that what we allow instead of fighting,is good, because it is going with our flow.
Our own unique flow.
We are creating our world and our circumstances with our minds at all times.
We must allow that what we create is what we need at that moment in time.
To spend a day in allowing what is happening instead of fighting it, is a day spent in learning how to master our journey here in this body.