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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dead Painters Paint My Paintings Don't be Afraid to Read This

Just as a psychic is able to open up his energy and let people who have passed into the spiritual plane speak through them, I am able to open up my energy and let psychic spirit paint through me.
How do I know it's them and not me painting, well the fact is I have absolutely no drawing skills. In my one painting of deliberate intent "Home" ( I have only deliberately intended subject in about 5 of my paintings out of about 200 ) I had to rely on my son to draw a simple cat and the picture frame on                                  "Home"
the wall for me.

Now look at my lion in Sea Horse and Lion painting.
If you look at the bottom left hand side of the painting you will see the profile of a skillfully drawn Lion. The only thing is I did not draw it. My images all come up with swipes of paint and slashes of oil crayon  and I never know what I have drawn until the painting is completed.

One of the coolest paintings I have ever done is Animation. I found myself working really rapidly like cartoonists do and just kept rotating the canvas (actually it is on board) each of the 4 ways slashing swiping and in about 3 minutes the painting was complete. What was to be a complete abstractions actually turned into 4 distinct figures one even had a pet grasshopper.  This was so cool as I could actually feel the cartoonist's hand  taking control of mine.                                       "Animation"

In my painting "Bird" ( I actually did a video of it being painted, starting with the blank canvas and filmed at intervals during the painting). In the first smear of red paint a face appeared and not just any face. It was the face of my father as young man, in fact the face that was framed on my parents bureau all my life , him as a young intern at the hospital. Now at the time of the painting my father was 95 years old.  He died a month after the painting was completed and I know Bird was the taker of all to it's spiritual resting place.

Keep tuned to this Dead Painters Paint My Paintings Channel (I hope you caught the pun here even though it was unintended) wow unintended as my paintings. I am really on a roll here!!